The White House

The White House

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rollin’ Along

The other day I took Nick to get some pants at Valu Village. The prices are reasonable, the selection is usually decent… not sure why we ever buy new clothes. On this particular day it seems the jeans were geared toward 5’5” and 250 lbs. …. not 6’1” and 180 lbs., but we did managed to find four pair he could wear. Emily loves when I take her here. She’d much rather get 20 new items than 2 from the retail store. Maybe we’ll go today….


Olivia was playing with my phone at Lucas’ game Saturday. She took this photo. He runs and runs and runs. Notice him ahead of his teammates. He never seems to get tired.


Apparently they were playing with the settings.


And left the settings changed so when I took this photo of Elijah unloading the truck at the dumpsters it was set on sepia.

Sunday night when he got home he opened the door to his room (that we closed to keep the ass smell contained) and… let’s just say he cleaned his room all on his own. Yes, Arizaphale, I now have piles of laundry to do. I was caught up.

Monday morning he and I had another (successful) meeting regarding his behavior/progress/goals. When we got home he packed 90% of the wood scraps down the stairs and out to the truck himself. The trade-off is getting to drive my truck, some spending money and friend time.


Last nights dinner was Shrimp Alfredo.


Love that we can see Miss Sophie’s eyes now. I’m sure she loves being able to see. I got six recommendations for the same groomer so now I have a place to take her. Not thrilled about how she’ll look shaved, but I’ll be thrilled she’s not a muddy mess this Spring. If Spring ever comes.


I was working on Emily’s computer and the fish we screaming to be photographed. Okay, they weren’t really screaming; it was more of a whisper.

Kissing Gourami on the left; Blue Gourami on the right. There are two of each.


There are also two Tiger Barbs. (On a sad note I think the Puffer Fish is dying or may be dead by now. He didn’t look so good last night. We believe he killed the plecostomus last night and may have been injured by one of the spines).


The green glow of her lamp is so relaxing. I got the anti-virus up and running. I also dumped a bunch of stuff (and need to do more). Beginning to think this computer is too old. It is soooo slow. Homer said it would be better just to buy her a new one (he spoils her…wish I had her TV!! lol).


While I worked on the computer he worked on the wall. If we do a little each day we just may get it done.


Such a calming glow…. I was watching the voice while I worked on the computer (funny how the screen is black???). She has such a nice television. :)



Half the day is already wasted. I was really on a roll getting moving early, but blew that by staying up too late with Nick and Emily. We tried watching a movie on Netflix. They we realized the whole thing was going to be in Swedish and we didn’t want to read subtitles for 2.5 hours! We tried loading another movie, but it stopped too much so we gave up and went to bed. They are both still sleeping!! So is Olivia…. just Lucas and I up.

I need to make a seed order and get busy in the plant room. Yesterday was scrub the kitchen counters/stove day. Today will be top of the fridge/china cabinet day. I keep telling myself one space at a time, but there’s too much square footage. I never get to the end and have it all clean at once!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I am really impressed with Elijah this week - that is a lot of positive behavior. Good for him! We are watching "The Voice" also. It's better than Idol this year, I think. Your shrimp alfredo looks wonderful and now I want some. I am in cleaning mode this week myself - dusted and vacumned the whole house and completely cleaned both bathrooms on saturday. Tomorrow I plan on washing windows. I hope that actually happens!

Sandy said...

Absolutely love consignment shops,,,that is the only place we buy coats, tops, etc,,,agree with Emily, better to get an armfull than just one or two items!!!

Holly said...

3rd-ing your comments on outlet shops - definitely better for the bank account!
Congratulations on all the house work - you really seem to be moving up a gear with getting rooms sorted...or maybe I just have a better mental picture since the post where you shared all the future plans...either way, all seems like huge progress from here!