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Monday, January 16, 2012

Walking at –41* Below Zero

A week or so ago the three youngest were at Grandma’s. It was –41* below and Emily talked Grandma into taking them for a walk across the street to the pond just so “they could say that walked when it was that cold”.  Crazy!

kids 2

kids 1

Today it’s –30.5* here at the house and I have absolutely no desire to go for a walk just to say I did, but I bet when I was a kid, I would have. In fact, it wasn’t too many years ago (20) when I was willing to ride a snow machine for a couple of hours to get to a cabin where it was –60* just to party for New Year’s Eve. Funny how age changes a person (or at least me).

All the time I drive past people skiing, running, bicycling in these temperatures and I just shake my head. I don’t have that kind of adventure in me. How about you? Would you get into extreme weather exercise/activities?


Stacy Davis said...

um...I will READ about extreme weather exercise...maybe even watch it on youtube....but my internal thermostat is broken and once I get cold I have a VERY hard time warming back up. So...nope...not going to happen for me.

sue in mexico mo said...

I don't see how you even breath in that cold!

sandy said...


gpc said...

Well, I've snorkeled in water that was warmer than my bath -- that's extreme, right? But just reading about your temperatures makes me want to whimper and pull the covers over my head.

Corey~living and loving said...

I would fall over and die at the temp. I'm sure of it. Your kids are wonderfully adventurous. :)

Holly said...

Well, I've done hiking and climbing in Arctic Norway in winter before, but that wasn't as cold as you are now...around -20C (I think thats maybe -5F) and that was plenty cold enough!
Hope it warms up a bit again soon