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The White House

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What A Day

What a day.

Football was a huge downer. I will not be watching Aaron win another Super Bowl. The Packers did not show up to play ball today. My opinion is the coach made a grave mistake sitting Rodgers out of the last game. A top athlete gets in a groove and when that groove is interrupted it affects not only them, but the entire team. Receivers couldn’t catch, he couldn’t throw, defense couldn’t stop the other team. Is was painful to watch.

Then to add to that pain my husband had to go in to work on his only day off. While we are thankful for his job he works entirely too much. It’s taking its toll on this family.

He feel asleep at 7:00 and the kids are all gone, too. You would think with all this quiet I would have done something. Anything, but no, I just sat and time passed. I’ve spent the last 19 years with kids underfoot and when they are not I’m lost. Add to that a sleeping husband and I find it all kind of depressing. I wish Nick was here to play a game with. That always makes me feel better.

Millie peed on the floor three times in half an hour. I don’t know what is up. Other than that she seems perfectly healthy. Maybe she’s mad at me?  The puppy made multiple messes that I couldn’t get ahead of. Just a shitty day all around, I guess.

But Sophie sure is cute after her bath, isn’t she?


If it wasn’t for the two loads of laundry I did it would have been a complete waste of a day. I really hating wasting days…we never know how many we have left. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I’m off to bed….


sandy said...

hi gayle,,,i think molly was trying to hold it as much as possible,,big dogs leave large deposits, both wet and dry,,just to darn cold to have the kids run her around outside !!! i go with the comment from the other day,,puppy pads,,if you can train her (sophie not molly) to those it will be a big help other winters also,,,because it gets so cold there and she is a small doggie,,,love your blog,,look at it every day,,,hello to homer and everybody,,,sandy

Stacy Davis said...

what an adorable little fluffball!! Chloe had a few furniture accidents too when she was little...i'm glad she seems to have grown out of that.
some days we just need to slow down and now worry about material things...relaxing and regrouping is OK and you really shouldn't feel guilty about it. We all need down time...and with everything you have going on you deserve any that you take. :)

Humble wife said...

Sophie is so cute!

I am certain days will pick up. I understand being with someone for so many years, that without it seems slow. Our kitties walk around mewing when everyone is gone but is like they know.

Have a wonderful day


Martha in PA said...

She is a cutie, however, she looks like she is giving you one of those looks that I get from my daughter... out of the corner of her eye!

I've only got one child, no husband, but I find when I am home all alone, with no distractions that I just sit and let time pass as well. What is up with that????

I wish for you better days!