The White House

The White House

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Give Me A Break!


At some point in time the cosmic forces (or whomever is piling it on me) has to realize that I am carrying far more than my share of the Bad Stuff on my shoulders and cut me some slack.

I’d love to share it with you, but legally, I can’t. How screwed up is that? I can’t even talk about my own life. Probably a good thing….half of you would probably  run screaming if you knew how messed up things really are. The rest would stick around for my pretty flowers. :)

Yesterday I wasn’t able to attend my Housekeeping job (you know, us stay-at-home types have lots of job titles). It did rock Parenting, , Educational Advocate, Legal Advisor, Medical Assistant, Nutritionist and Coach. Blindsided by drama led to unexpected meetings and a potential train wreck heading our way in a few days….but we survived round one.

All that stuff meant racing out the door to pick up the new lens for Olivia’s glasses before basketball without dinner (in fact, without time to even make sandwiches). I made a Resolution that we would not eat out in 2012 and put that money towards debt. Ten days in and that Resolution is blown. Pisses me off, but the kids had to eat so we stopped in their favorite place…Food Factory. They are so good in restaurants. Elijah still isn’t.


Lucas is participating in Interior Youth Basketball. Last night was his first practice. He was so excited to be there with the other kids.




The coach was a really nice guy, but gave way too many instructions with way too many big words (rebound, guard, etc.). for a group of 5-year olds. I pushed my way right into helping him coach….kind of like a cheerleader, but better. He’d say something, I tell them what to do in kid words and then gave lots of high fives for their effort. It worked out pretty good. I think this comes out to about $6 an  hour (maybe less)….cheaper than Play Place at McDonald’s and a lot better for him!


Oh, and along with all the other drama dumped in my lap yesterday, Millie and Rusty ran off, stood in the middle of the road barking at the psycho creepy neighbor who stood there with his shovel yelling. When the boys retrieved the dogs he cussed them out. Guys like him live forever. Just sayin’…..


Janie said...

I hope life does grant you a much-deserved break from problems, Gayle.
The 5 year olds sure look cute on the basketball court.

Arizaphale said...

Haha! As a teacher I know what you mean about sport coaches! They think 'if I can understand it...why can't the kids?' My husband has been coaching my stepsons basketball team this last year gone and I shudder to think how that must go (I keep well away). He has no patience and only one way of saying anything :-)...hopefully he's got some good Mums like you on the sidelines.