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The White House

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Chilly Post


At the house it was –23*. When I reached the end of Cripple Creek at the Parks Highway it was –29* and this was the view.



As I drove towards town I hit a low of –31*.



(Bad shot through the front window…you didn’t really expect me to stop and get out in that weather, did you?). See how at 1:04pm the sun in already on its way down? There’s a small hill to my right that blocks its rays.


See? The sun is now only touching the top. (It never actually touches anything but the tops of the trees in my yard for several months!!).


On the way home (on the sunny side of the hill) we are seeing the last of the “warmth”.


So deceiving. Looks so inviting and warm, but really….in the low –20’s is not warm!


Today was the first day back to school after 19 days off for Christmas break. Whose idea was it for it to be that long??? My kids did not play out side one single time. In fact, this morning I thought I had it going on. I had laid out clothes the night before. I got up and made Elijah and Nick bacon, toast and banana/strawberry smoothies. Sent them off. Got the Wee People up and fed breakfast. Then I went Uh-oh. Where are your gloves and hats? Hadn’t seen them for 19 days! Luckily we found everything and we walked out to the bus so they could be safely delivered to school.

The rest of the day? I spent 1.5 hours in the laundry room. Hanging the clothes to only fluff in the dryer, then folding, matching socks and putting everything away takes time. It really got me to thinking about time management (and the fact that it is kind of annoying I need to “manage time”, but with a household of seven, you do).

I also had THREE meetings today…one legal, one educational and one with Girl Scouts (time for me to sell cookies…like I have nothing else to do). What a day!! And what’s coming up? Well, more contact with educators and Lucas starts basketball. Practice tomorrow. And Thursday. My cup runs over.

In many good ways.


Lori Skoog said...

I know for sure, that I could not handle living where you are, even tho it is full of beauty. How have Daisy the chickens, and your big dog dealt with this? Hope they are all tucked in.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Beautiful photos! I'd have a hard time living there - not enough sun and warm weather for me.

Stace said...

ugh...I looked at all your pics and had to go put wool socks on!! Brrrrrr Pretty..but...brrrrrr!
Our old house was behind a ridge and always in shadow too...It made me very happy to move to a house with a LOT of southern exposure....I get so blah being in the dark.
Good luck with all of your meetings...I don't know how you do it...I hope you have a really good support system in place that you can just go-off's a lot to deal with alone especially if you can't talk about it.

Humble wife said...

Wow! I love the drive! Even cold it is beautiful!

19 days!! Wow that was a long break!


Janie said...

The scenery looks gorgeous, but those temps are mind and body-numbing!