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The White House

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Can’t They Just Sleep??

Do you know what 7 year old girls do? They stay up until 1:30am and then they wake at 7:30am with shrills and shrieks. My boys never did that to me. I was in a fog all day Sunday with sandpapery burning eyes. Ug!



Drove the girls home around 12:30pm. The sun was already making its way across the sky to disappear for the night.


Another Chinook wind blew in. The roads are horrible and traffic is at a crawl. Nothing like spending the winter driving on a skating rink.


After a nightmarish grocery shopping moment at Fred Meyer tired as all get out dragging two little people because their dad had to work on his ONLY day off  I got to see Captain America getting groceries so I was all better. (And you thought this only happened at Wal-Mart).



Then we went to the mall which was having a bazaar and was more stimulus than my tired body could handle.


Olivia needed to go to Michael’s to get three $1 gifts for a game they are playing at school Tuesday. It’s the only place you can get anything for $1. And it took forever for her to decide. The store was about 110*. They had a pipe break so they had to turn the heat up so it would go out in the entry and keep it from freezing. It was awful in there.


When I finally got home the girls and I made chocolate chip cookies.


Nick got them out of the oven because I was just wore out.


Emily helped me wrap a couple of presents and then it was couch time. The season finale of Survivor was on. It was a let down ending. Ozzy was the most deserving to win the money, Coach should have been picked out of the last three, I like Cochran because he was the most unlikely to get as far as he did and the winner was a condescending brat the whole game and not someone I’d want to award $1 million to. Look forward to the new season after the Super Bowl.


And that was that. Homer got to come to the birthday party for about 15 minutes. I was on my own to do it all. There were 22 of us. He worked his only day off. We are days away from Christmas. I never got my online ordering done. I never got my crafts done. I never got my packages in the mail. It falls on a Sunday so my husband will still only get one day off. I will make sure of it because I’m hiding his phone. This is the worst holiday season I’ve had. Well, except the year my dad passed away on Christmas morning. Or the year my mom had a stroke at Christmas. (No wonder I find holidays so damn stressful).

It’s been a rough year and I’m looking forward to a fresh start. Of course, we drag the baggage of the HEX and WSM with us, but we are getting better at pretending they don’t exist which makes a happier home for us all.

Just think when I make it through Christmas I can start planning gardens and order my seeds. Now that is something to look forward to!


gpc said...

Good to know that Captain AMerica uses a reusable grocery bag! :)

Bonnie said...

Wow you have been busy once again. My son's bday is Dec 16, it was hard having a newborn at Christmas and hard having parties at this time of year too.

Looks like a blast was had at O's party.

patty said...

agree completely about Survivor. I hated that she won. I never could remember her name, she was just that mean girl. I did like Brandon too... He was a little over the top with the Evil vs good thing, but I liked him.