The White House

The White House

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Long Day

Monday was as equally long as Sunday. Millie started barking at 3:30am and didn’t stop until 5:00am. I’m guessing there was a moose in the yard. Whatever it was sent me into my day in a fog of sleep deprivation.

I tidied up the house and finished the Christmas cards. They are all finally in the mail. Next year I’m going to shoot for a little earlier which is what I did this year, but failed at. Worked a little on some Christmas stuff and then spent the whole evening shopping. I’m not a big shopper especially with crowded stores that are way too hot and when faced with so many decisions my brain goes numb. Shopping for a lot of kids is hard work and when I get home I usually find that two kids have a lot a lot of stuff, four kids have a little, one is just right and the last one was forgotten altogether. It’s never the same kids in the same spot each year….they are equally over-looked! :)

This guy needs a bath. Maybe the bath fairy will visit Rusty for Christmas?


And these guys (plus Elijah and Olivia) destroyed the house while we were gone making houses out of chairs, blankets and pillows, but you know what? They cleaned it all up! Yea!! :)


Now back to the grind. I need to make my candies and cookies….it is so tempting to sleep all day. (I sure like to sleep just don’t seem to do much of it!).

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