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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Action Packed Day

After I posted last night I was reminded on Facebook to remember the bus drivers so I put together these bags. This morning we had a substitute driver who drove the route backwards and went right by us. Great. Had to warm up the truck and drive the three younger ones to school…. nervous the whole time that we would be late. Lucas has perfect attendance and I didn’t want to mess that up on the last day. We made it in time.

Elijah’s drivers got their snacks and I forgot to give Em the afternoon driver’s bag to her so that didn’t happen. Which should of since he is threatening to kick her off the bus for putting her feet in the aisle (and then mouthing off when called out on it… yep, she’s got an attitude).


I gave the bread and butter pickles and high bush cranberry jelly to the principal, behavioral specialist and front office ladies. Also, delivered the 5 plates to the elementary school and nine plates to Elijah’s school. Of course, Elijah can’t count and it should have been ten. I felt really bad, but they were so happy. This school (where he shouldn’t have been) is for kids with some pretty big issues. All but him live in foster homes. They have never been given gifts before. I felt so awesome when they were so happy. (They called me Mrs. Claus!).

Jelly & Pickles for the school office

This morning was also Lucas’ Christmas program. So after running them to school, shopping for more tins, I ran home to shower, loaded everything up and went back to watch him. What a doll.


This is our principal. This is my 14th year with her.

Principal Aistrautz



He was so serious about the singing. And the hair? Not sure what happened there.



After 13 previous failures this year I grabbed my kid and we were the 4th in the food line. Took me a long time to get it right, but what a treat to not stand in line for half an hour. The food was so good!! (We were the first ones back to the room).


After Lucas’ program I went to Elijah’s school. They were opening gifts. The staff get each of the kids gifts (19 of them). For almost all it will be the only gift they receive. After that there was a special presentation for Elijah. He was given a set of goals, he worked hard to meet them and he is now being allowed to go back into the regular high school. They sang “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”. He got a card and gift card. They also had cupcakes to celebrate his birthday that is in a week. These folks were a blessing and honestly, I am going to miss them.

Graduation from YESS Program

Here he is with the ten (not nine) staff members who all gave so much to boost his self-esteem. I hope it all works out for him. (It was pajama day at school…they don’t always dress like this).


When I got home I did practically nothing. I cleaned up 1/5 of the cooking mess and relaxed. The girls painted some magnets that Olivia got for her birthday and then we watched a movie. Down time was good.


I still have to finish Christmas shopping and some other stuff around the house, but I refuse to stress about it. We have 19 sleeps until we go back to school. I want to enjoy them.


Lori Skoog said...

You outdid yourself. Very generous~
By the way, THANKS FOR SENDING US A CHRISTMAS CARD! You are the energizer bunny if there every was one.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a busy, but fun filled day. Many congrats to Elijah. I hope he moves forward from here and only good things happen for him. He looks happy in those pictures! Lucas is a doll face - love the shot of him singing.

Sally said...

Love all the happy faces in school. Enjoy...they grow up so fast.