The White House

The White House

Friday, November 18, 2011


Yesterday’s list? Out the window. This was the temperature outside. Inside? It was 56* although I did get it up to 60* a few times.


Things like this door still a part of my living room do not help. I hung plastic on the inside of the house. Can you see how it billows out from the air flow? I put a couple pieces of Styrofoam outside, but didn’t have enough to cover it. The real culprit was some ice in the fuel line. Homer blew out the lines and at 9:00pm it was warming up in here. I can now say it is toasty!


Lunch? Tuna on 12-grain with my very own bread & butter pickles and some homemade chips. (I probably should have had soup…I was freezing).


I brought Lucas’ Legos down by the fire so he’d be warm.


Olivia had some sort of initiation ceremony to indicate she is “officially” a Girl Scout. I annoy myself with attention to detail. Uniforms are meant to be worn properly…Scouting, Military, Law Enforcement…you aren’t supposed to just wing it. The girl on the far left….has her patches flip-flopped. The girl on Olivia’s left has the pin above the yellow ribbon instead of on it and she’s the leaders daughter (you can see in the next photo better). And I assure you I was the only one in the room that noticed. Worse. My Olivia is going to grow up and be just like me. Ug!


Olivia doesn’t have her center dot as the instructions didn’t say if I was supposed to put it on or if they earned it first. I also didn’t add her troop number because I didn’t know if it was 28 or 82. I can do both of those now.


“On my honor I will try to serve God and my country, to help other people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout’s Law”.



The Brownie and Daisy Troops.  Olivia thrives on it. She wishes she had meetings every day.


The moose my brother shared with Tisha and I has arrived. I had my first moose steak last night in years and it was wonderful!! I missed that flavor.


Only –13* this morning at the house. Feels comfortable which is an insane statement in itself. Anything after –25* just bites your skin. This…this is okay.


She Looks Like a Mom said...

Were you a Girl Scout, Gayle? I'm glad Olivia is enjoying it! I was too shy to really take advantage of Girl Scouts, but I did get my best friend for many years out of it. I still have my vests in storage. Have no idea what I'll do with them, but it just seems wrong to throw them away.

Humble wife said...

Brr first off!!

And Brownie scouts and Daisy's oh I loved those days!

I love hearing of your simple days. Reminds me so much of how so many are so similar even if we are so far apart!!


gpc said...

When I was a kid the pledge was "help other people at all times, especially those at home," and I gritted my teeth when I said it because my mother was one of the leaders and she knew how unhelpful I was!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Being a former Brownie leader, I agree with your complaints. There is a specific way the patches, pins, etc are to be applied. It's all in the manual. Amazing how some of the moms never got it. We had one kid whose dad sewed everything on for her. He was amazing! But he was also a Marine!!! Glad Olivia is thriving on it and loving it!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I've never had moose but that looks GOOD! I'm glad Olivia is a girl scout. I was a girl scout and it was such a positive influence in my life. I learned so much from that.