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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It’s A Tad Chilly Out There

This was the temperature on the highway coming home last night. Can you see it? It was –33* and I was out grocery shopping. Me and a whole lot of other people. Crowded stores make me nuts. When I got home it was –28* at the house. I think it is –20* this morning at home and in town it is –35* to –40*. Our first big cold snap of this winter. Good thing Homer got the furnace going in the coop. Bad thing that we don't have stairs.
So what do kids do when it is so cold out? Well, my boys went out and snow skated for a little while. Would you believe Olivia went out and watched them? Then we were couch slugs.
Lucas played the Wii. (Would someone put away those decorations?!!).
Olivia watched.
Rusty kicked back in my lap.
I should have done something last night, but yesterday we spent hours running around in the freezing cold for chiropractor and physical therapy appointments. I was tired.
These are boxes we saw at the craft fair and decided we could make them. I have two summer’s worth of dried flowers I’ve never used. I decided not to take the time to build a box and bought a couple on clearance at Michael’s to give it a try. I do like woodworking, but I just don’t have that kind of free time right now.
Learned something new last night. Remember the “new” truck my hubby got me for our anniversary? Well, the remote that we thought was just for locking/unlocking the door and an alarm system (the buttons are worn off) is really an auto start. I just have to laugh at myself. At least I figured it out now in this cold spell. Now if I could just remember to push the button to warm up the leather seats I’d be in business!


gpc said...

How nice! I've always thought that an auto start and heated seats would be the BEST way to get through winter!

sue in mexico mo said...

That is funny about your remote auto start! Sounds like something I would not figure out. I got a new car a few months ago and I'm still learning things about it. I bet you will really like that remote start. I don't have it or heated seats, but hopefully it won't be -33 here.

Humble wife said...

I love the boxes! Brr on the cold...and I would have never imagined a heater in the coop-makes sense as in the heat of summer is when our hens stop laying as it is over 115 for a few weeks. We spray the under areas of the coops we have so the birds can take dusting baths in cool dirt. Funny how each zone one will adapt and does!

Bonnie said...

Gosh we have not even hit a cold streak like that yet. At least when you talk about those temps I know it means the exact same in Celsisus. I also spent the whole day in town yesterday...drives me crazy too when you want something and can't find it!

I will send you a jar of Saskatoon Jelly and some other fine Canadian treats. Send me your email!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Those boxes are a great project, and a great use for your leftover dried blossoms. Nice idea for gifts for the kids (girls) friends, too.

The kids and Rusty look pretty content just hanging in the house. I would too, with those temps!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The boxes turned out great. Will those be Christmas gifts? I have heated seats in my car and I love them!! They're my favorite feature.