The White House

The White House

Monday, November 21, 2011

Share Your Secret

Seriously you must be thinking to yourself….does she have anything to show us besides that wood stove and desk? I do. And I will. I promise.

I am still trying to figure out why “life” takes so long. I hurry, I work hard and still four hours later so little is done. I hauled in wood, split it and stacked it to keep the fire going for about two days until I do it again. I cleaned the desk. I could have waited until the kids got home and had them do it, but really, I like their few hours at home to be fun with me so I just did it before it got even further out of control. I swept.


I mixed up the Candy Cane vodka (no, Stace, I am not trying it. Ewwww!!). I would have made the Gummi Bear jar, but someone Elijah stole the bag. Nothing is sacred when he is in the house. Trust me.

I made Jell-O cups. I hate to spend the money on premade versions so I just do my own. And all these things take time. Along with one load of laundry and tons of dishes.


I finished putting together the chair. It only took 4 years. One down, three to go. And they still need painted. Stupid, cheesy, flimsy, discount chairs that will never survive my teenagers anyhow.


The Wee People spent the night at Grandma’s the other night and made these really cool turkeys. They had so much fun while they were there.


So do you also find that hours fly by and you don’t accomplish hardly any of what you set out to? Or are you Super Woman? Made chicken and rice in the crockpot, a little advancement in crafting, vacuumed, hung out with Em curling hair, attempted conversation with a 15-year old boy and talked with the Adult-Child.

And that was it. No wonder my house is not any closer to being remodeled than it was last week. How can I fit more into my day? Do you have any over-achiever secrets you can share.

And by-the-way if you are still reading I’d like to share that we are on our 7th consecutive day of –35* below zero or colder. Never mind how many days we’ve been below –20*. Or even –10*. No big deal though. We are Alaskans. Toughest people on the planet. Well, except for maybe some Russians because I think they get pretty cold, too.


FlowerLady said...

No super ideas to get things done here. I just do what I can and leave the rest for the next day. Cooking and dishes are a never ending part of life, as is doing the laundry and other 'homecaring' bits. I try to find the beauty and the thankfulness for each thing. Not always easy, but when I'm thankful 'stuff' doesn't get me down as much.

Those turks made by the wee people are cute.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Gayle.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Gayle, you already ARE super-woman! You just don't realize it.

anymommy said...

Oh holy hell. Literally. -35? SHUDDER. And yes, I find that months go by and I accomplish nothing ;0)