The White House

The White House

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It’s Going to Be Cold Forever

Finished my shopping today with Olivia. Nick and Lucas hung at home avoiding the cold. Lori asked awhile back how long my big grocery shop was going to last. It got me to thinking and kind of keeping track. I don’t like to monitor my grocery bill because that is one area I refuse to cut. I buy a lot of generic, but if we want to eat it we will. Food is nothing to skimp on. So anyhow….In 28 days I spent $1071.60 on groceries. That doesn’t include any household items, deli lunches, McDonalds, clothes, keys for Nick’s van….just food. That I bought. I have no record of the things my husband picked up as well. So there you have it….what it costs to feed seven people plus a few guests plus random teenagers that pass through for a month.

I’m already doing things to reduce our waste. Now maybe I should consider finding ways to cut back. No wonder I am always broke. :)

Do you like vodka? Me either, but when Stace posted about this recipe I just had to make it. Not for my consumption, but rather as gifts for my martini loving friends. (This would not be an example of cutting back, but I’m just a person who has to give. It keeps me happy).  If you do not like vodka and you are going to try this I suggest not mixing it up at 10:00am. It made my stomach turn. This is the Jolly Rancher variety. Left is Fruit Punch & Raspberry, Peach in the middle and Strawberry on the right. I picked up some Gummi Bears and Candy Canes for the rest of it. What do you think? Martini’s with a sugar rim? (The vodka is already dissolving the candy and changing colors).


This is a moose roast. I haven’t had one in years. I cut 2-inch slices on both bottom and top to stuff with bacon.


Mixed Johnny’s seasoning salt, nutmeg, dry mustard, cloves, pepper and brown sugar with water. Threw in some potatoes and carrots.


Later I topped with chopped onions and cranberry sauce (was supposed to be cranberry juice, but I didn’t have any).


The finished product. Two things: First…too dry….I way over-cooked it. And that just sucks. Second….I do not care for sweet. The flavor would have been much better without the brown sugar. It made funky gravy. I mean, it was kind of holiday-ish and tasted good, but I’m a salt lover so this wasn’t my favorite. Gotta try new things or you never know.


Olivia and Lucas went to spend the night with their Grandma. Coming down the ridge the mountains were popping out on the skyline. Of course, stopped in the middle of the road on an icy hill with a crappy camera isn’t going to take you there…but trust me it was beautiful.


I pulled into the Chena Pump Campground for a shot of the setting sun over the Tanana. It was beautiful. And –24*. Didn’t take long to convince me to get back up the hill where it was –8*.


I tried to take some photos of Mt. McKinley through the trees, but again…middle of the road with a crappy camera. Too dark and then too bright. Oh, well. Maybe one day I’ll take you a real blog worthy photo.



Quiet night. No kids which I decided sucks. I like having at least one of them here. Husband was tired and went to bed at 6:45pm. I cleaned and did a little crafting. I’m just not used to being alone. Kind of threw me off my game. Just think of what I could have accomplished had I seized the moment? Maybe I’ll get up early and do just that. 


gpc said...

I will be curious to hear how the vodka turns out. I need some new vodka recipes to try! I tried one recipe with swedish fish -- not good, I think maybe I used too many fish -- and I made limoncello and amaretto this year. The only one I will do again is the limoncello, which was a BIG hit with my sister!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

OOOH! Homemade Kahlua is pretty good. I've done that a bunch of times, but not recently. I've never really had vodka. Always had gin martinis.

Not into sweets myself, so I think I would try the roast again with out the brown sugar as you suggested. Of course, I don't have any moose roast either! Maybe try with beef or pork?

Hope you are keeping warm by that fire, Gayle! Those pics of the snow make me cold just looking at them. I was whining Sat AM when I was at the barn at 6:30.... It was about 45 degrees. By 1:00 PM it was almost 80 degrees! Gotta love the desert!

Stace said...

OMGOSH! You're trying the vodka!!!! I totally intend on having candy cane flavored vodka (the only alcohol i can drink) for the solstice! The moose roast looks fantastic...its been years since I've had moose. Keep warm up there!

Bonnie said...

A package of onion soup mix over that roast and veggies would have been deliciious! Your package is on its way up there!