The White House

The White House

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Whine House

I’m changing the name of my blog to The Whine House. I sound very whiny these days. I don’t mean to give the impression that I dislike the six slobs I live with. I truly love them and I love taking care of them. What I don’t love is that I cannot ever get ahead. Whenever I make  progress I have to deal with something outside of the home and while I’m doing that they destroy what I’ve gained and I start over. One day I’d like to make it to the light at the other end of the tunnel, have a little celebration and start over. :)
I started my day in the laundry room. Laundry is one of my favorite things to do. Of course, I’d love a nice laundry room without peeling walls and linoleum, but I’m supposed to be thankful for what I have. So I will, but I’d at least like it to be clean. So I cleaned it. Which meant I needed to put sheets away which in turn led to cleaning out this closet and folding everything neatly because apparently I have “that” disorder. The rest of my family could care less what the blankets behind the closed door look like.
Can't wait for a new laundry room.Why can't they fold blankets?
Which makes sense when I have an area like this that I’ve cleaned 204 times, but every time I close my eyes the Little People play hurricane. Maybe the blankets don’t matter so much. :) This is what the oldest daughter does. Sits chips and popcorn and pop outside her door and steps over it. Elijah sets his stuff outside her door as well. She’d step over it for months without a thought. Do you find odd things stashed around your house? Does your son throw his contact case on the floor next to the garbage rather than in it?
I had the Little People putting on their pajamas and then putting their dirty clothes in the laundry when they went to brush their teeth. While I was in California my husband changed that routine to putting the dirty clothes in a pile on the bedroom floor. Apparently, it’s a present for Mommy because no one else is carrying them down the hall. I picked up two full loads from the bedroom. So thoughtful of my husband.  Emily’s room is next to the laundry and I have all the clean socks, undies, pajamas piled there to sort. Yes, I sorted and put them all away along with six loads of laundry. It was a good laundry day.
Why can't they find the laundry?Time to fold laundry.
This also happened while I was in California. Lucas painting Emily’s room in fingernail polish. Nice. Awhile back I bought Elijah some clothes and a shirt for Emily. Elijah took his stuff out of the bag. I found her shirt in the bag in the trash. ???? Things like this would give the Average Joe a headache, but I just take it in stride. It beats the hell out of the Court House any day of the week.
Lucas painted Emily's carpet.Emily's new shirt.
And this? The randomly tossed sweatshirt out the laundry door onto the deck railing. I’m used to stuff like that so it doesn’t phase me, but I do still wonder why? And who? (When you can count seven vehicles out the window plus another three you can’t see and you only have 3 residents who can drive then you have too many. Just sayin’).
So as it be I spent the day working on laundry and Emily’s room. Rusty Boy spent the day keeping me company. He was very good company.
001 - Copy
I took out the white table and replaced it with this one. (She can do the arranging….I just stacked the stuff).
008 - Copy
I gave Elijah back his table and put her TV on this one. I’ll watch for some kind of cute box to put the DVD and cable box in.
009 - Copy
After taking care of all those clothes I put in the shelves and Em helped me put her clothes on them. When I find an armoire then she can use this shelving for her “stuff”.
010 - Copy
The game interrupted work on the house. Sports tend to do that around here.
006 - Copy
This is the evening view out of the laundry room window. Not so bad.
A good end to the evening is a little Guinea Pig (without a name) in your lap. Such a sweetheart.
003 - Copy
Earlier in the day I snapped this shot of our gas prices (and pretty blue sky).
Too much!
And this sad, sad sight. Remember all the pints of Highbush Cranberry Jelly I made. Remember all the fun we have picking with my nieces? Once every nine years the electric company comes through and mows down the brush under the power line. Apparently, this is the 9th year and all our bushes are gone. It makes me want to cry.
Highbush Cranberry bushes destroyed!
So I’ve got that washer already spinning this morning and am about to empty/load the dishwasher. The living room is a mess, need to vacuum, sweep and mop. Lots  to do today at my place of work. And I am thankful even if it sounds like I’m whining.

*edited to add

I forgot to give you my super-duper tip for the day. Nick does not get along with Homer's chaninsaw. It's a hate-hate relationship. The result was motor oil all down the legs of his new pants. He will never touch that chain saw again. I will never have any wood either, but I am killer at getting motor oil out of clothes! Dab with a papertowel, cover in cornstarch, scrape it off with a plastic spoon, apply Dawn dishsoap, use a little water and scrub, wash in hot water and voila...just like new again. Do I rock, or what?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Gayle, you always rock! I would HATE to have to do all your laundry. I know you said you like it, but.... OMG-there is always so much. That guina pig is adorable. I think you should just name him "no-name." LOL. And tell Homer I would love to have that front end loader. We could move a lot of snow with that!

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ I don't have the large household that you do, and I have a hard time keeping up with the two of us. Every day there is something to do from yesterday. I 'try' not to let it get to me and go with the flow.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Bonnie said...

You rock alright! I think of my Mom sometimes when my kids do not pick up or even seem to care what they are destroying. She used to get so mad at us and it really never had any effect...until an adult and Mother myself I totally get it.