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The White House

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Night

I checked and see that I blogged Tuesday. This is Thursday morning. Why does it feel so much longer ago?

Monday was legal paperwork day at the court. That’s the bad part. The good part was my Nick came home. Yes, he’s been gone working out-of-town, far away, for the first time. I cried when he left (and couldn’t even tell you about it) and missed him so much while he was gone. I’m not ready for him to fly from the nest one little bit!

Tuesday was the 1.5 hour meeting I requested with the Superintendent of the School District. Sometimes you just have to go right to the top. I’ve put in so many hours almost daily  for two months to see that this kid gets the opportunity for an education. Knock on wood I think I’ve finally been successful.

He was sick for two days. If it isn’t one thing, it is another.

And Wednesday…..that’s the day I got to meet with the custody investigator. Can you believe it’s been a year I’ve been having meetings with this guy? You know, ‘cause it is so much better to talk to a stranger about your kids and put them in the middle of  a stressful situation  then it would be for the parents to put the kids first. Oh, wait, I do put them first.  All so sad….

Now for the good…..:)

I picked up Lucas’ teacher a London Fog (some kind of Earl Grey latte kind of thing) and helped out in computer lab. Then I went to Olivia’s room and helped with an art project. As soon as my time isn’t wasted with meeting after meeting you’ll find me spending more time at the school. They love when I am there (especially Olivia). And Emily’s math teacher loves when I make copies and laminate and stuff like that.

getting art instructions

After school I took the little man to the barber shop for a much needed trim. I do not know what is up with this face, but I think he looks like a bird!

at the barber shop

We picked up groceries, raced home the best we could on the nasty icy roads (so many accidents!), Emily fed animals and I cooked dinner.

October icy roads

Then it was out the door for Family Night. We’ve decided that no matter how busy we are or how awful the stuff is that we have to deal with…this family (meaning extended and all…) is getting together for something fun at least once a week. Last night it was skating.

They have helpers for the non-skaters which is awesome because it would have killed our backs to hold him up.

first steps on the ice

Dad, Lucas, Sydney and Emily….family. :) Nick didn’t want to skate and Elijah didn’t want to have to wear a helmet so they stayed home and made videos together. Good brother time. Olivia knew she couldn’t skate and wanted to go to Grandma’s. (Lucas thought it was going to be easy. He was bummed it wasn’t).

at the Big Dipper

We went around and around.


That’s Lucas noticing that the ceiling is all mirrors. I have photos of his older brothers making the same discovery when they were little.

looking in the mirrors on the ceiling

Two very beautiful sisters!~

skating at the Big Dipper


Then the rest of the family showed up! Justise and Jadyn skated with the girls, but Tisha wasn’t feeling good so she watched us. (Perfect smiles….crappy, blurry photo).

beautiful smile; blurry photo

They are 11,  12, 13 and 14 left to right. How perfect is that?

sisters and cousins

They were dancing to some funky 70’s music.

funky dancing

helping little brother

hey there~

dad and daughter

Proof that I skated, too. We all had the best time and are planning the next outing. Hopefully, Tisha will feel better and can join in.

mom skated, too!

Emily’s abstract photo from inside the car driving home.

crazy driving photo by Emily

I should have taken a photo before it was eaten as this looks kind of gross, but these were the best beef enchilada’s ever. I’ve decided that I’m not such a bad cook after all….it just took my husband boosting my confidence to try new things. I even managed to feed the kids all tacos before we left and had this prepared in the oven for when we returned. That’s the Domestic Goddess I was when life was perfect, house full of eight kids, tons of activities and no one bothered us. Well, even when the mean people try to make us as unhappy as they are (which they must be because happy people don’t do mean things)…. we still have to be our best…..and that we will!

The best beef enchilada by mom!


Lori Skoog said...

Yeyyyyy Family.

I like the idea of one family night per week.

What do you mean about your cooking? You make great stuff!

anymommy said...

Your life is so full. It astonishes me how you save energy for the good stuff, even when you are dealing with a lot of crap. (Excuse my French ;-)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Looks like family night was a lot of fun - I love to ice skate! Your kids are all so cute!