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The White House

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where’s My Work Mojo?

I picked up the pace a little yesterday. Okay, not really, but I did some stuff.

I started the day (as I said before) by making salsa with Olivia. I don’t think either one smelled very good while cooking so I’m not too optimistic.


Hockey gear? Why do I still have some after all these years? It really needs to go! Took it and the chairs all out to the shed. Yea!


The animal feed buckets are in the house because the end of the coop still needs finished (that’s where they will be stored). I moved them all outside because this is where the stairs will come down and I sure don’t want anything in the way to slow progress. Winking smile


Having the feed in the coop will be nice. I won’t have to pack it across the yard (stored my wagon and it isn’t sled weather yet). What do we have? Scraps for the compost on top (I finally am getting my act back together on saving scraps…have a separate container for chicken scraps).  Water for Daisy, (left) Daisy food and (right) chicken food. I finally found the feeders so there is oyster shell on the left and grit on the right for the coop. Lastly, food for Jasper.


Can you see Jasper?


We love this bunny.


I put the big tarp over my wood pile. Good thing as it snowed last night. Can you see Millie peeking at me?


Rusty was jumping and very excited about helping me to do laundry.


I got several loads of laundry done, some reading and art with the kids and miscellaneous housework before heading off to dinner. Yes, for the first time in the eight years Homer and I have been together I went out to dinner with friends…without him, without a child. Just us three girls. We spent 3 hours talking and laughing, and then I went home to the family. What a wonderful time…so good for the soul. Something I need to do more of.


**Answering questions….

**The tomatoes were in the dehydrator for about 15 hours. I’m no expert on dehydrating that’s for sure. My suggestion is just trial and error. Not sure how I’m going to store them. I may just put them in a baggie in the fridge. There’s enough for two pizzas so I can use them up this week.

**I do have bathrooms on both levels. The one downstairs is not completed (no door, no sink hooked up), but there is a toilet so we don’t have to go upstairs. Upstairs there are two full bathrooms although one was tore up for remodeling about four years ago and there it sits so we just use one. *sigh* Someday it will all be done.

** We still have Millie who is exclusively an outside dog. While she would love to be in with her people it makes her miserable. She has an extremely thick double coat from the husky in her. Inside she just lays and pants so uncomfortable so out she stays. In the summer she gets walked and in the winter I will let her run around the yard and we play fetch (summertime she would run through the flower beds).

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sue in mexico mo said...

I'm very excited about your "inside stair talk"!

Doing things with friends and so good for you. And for your family, also.