The White House

The White House

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tackling the Clutter

Soooo....what's going on at The White House. Well, it's getting more white. As in we are getting a little snow today with a whole lot of blowing. My really cool ghosts are laying in the ditch. I almost care, but not enough to go get them. Okay, so I went and got two of them. The other one was way down the road and I didn't have boots on. Maybe Em will get it for me.

Who can remember how many times I've cleaned and posted this area? Too many!!  While I was in California someone let the Wee People back into the boxes. O.M.G. what a disaster. So we've all been stepping over it each night when we go to bed. Yesterday I finally said ENOUGH!! I cleaned as much as I could (felt awful...chest I won't go to the doctor....last trip was the ER and they said my heart was fine and I can't take anymore doctor bills to figure out what it is) and I finished up today. I seriously am excited to be building spaces for all this stuff. I'm working as much as I can in between all the other stuff I do to get things packed up so we can get our build on! :)

Behind the desk was a pile of hats, scarves and mittens that went into these drawers for now. Everyone has their own drawers downstairs, but that area is as equally messy so I'll wait to move them. Obviously I still need to clean off the desk and the bench by the door, but  you get the idea. I actually stopped working to make a quick blog post and then settle in to watch the baseball game which I now know has been postponed due to weather so now I can finish up. (I would much rather be watching baseball). Behind the desk is my sewing machine and in the corner are my craft items...fabric, yarn and scrap booking....that will all eventually go into their own room.

There are ten totes of toys on the right side. I once had all these things separated into their own labelled drawers, but at some point everything got dumped so I just took it all and boxed it up. I left Lucas with his Star Wars characters and Olivia her Brat dolls. In the next few weeks I'll start going through the totes one at a time to sort what we keep and what we won't. For now it was just easier to store it all. It would be so much nicer if everyone had their own rooms for their things, but that will come in time.
So that is what I accomplished the last two days....along with cleaning up Elijah's computer, many loads of laundry (all put stoked that I'm caught up...even tossed 33 socks without a mate....where do they go?) plus the usual meals (had a ham dinner last need for holidays for that!), animals, homework stuff. Someday when everything has a place keeping my home clean will be a piece of cake. Good thing I really enjoy my job....the average person would go nuts with this mess! :) 


Humble wife said...

Snow!! Oh how exciting!

Looks wonderful. By the way I love the red fun.

Take care

Tootie said...

You are amazing!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You made awesome headway with that room!! I'm currently working closets, drawers and my daughters room. In between cleaning shells and daydreaming about the beach I didn't get enough time on!!! Trying to get my groove back on!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

There you go, Gayle!!! Your Cardinals won!! Woo-Hoo!!!