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The White House

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back in the Saddle (so to speak)

I'm back...sort of. She Looks Like a Mom and ???? were both right. It was a power source issue so my computer is at the shop awaiting parts ($140 special order! Ug!). It will be at least a week. In the meantime I'll share my son's computer although it's kind of like driving a pinto when you are used to a sports car. The keyboard, the programs, the all feels very foreign.

So back to was chore day. All day. Not that much fun, but Emily and I sorted through and removed so much from the living room/kitchen area. Can you believe one 30' X 35' room took an entire day?

We also harvested the marigold seeds from the flowers I picked this Fall.

I finally got Olivia's iPod Shuffle working. We thought it was broken for months. It was the earphones. She was very happy to be back listening to her music.

Sunday the girls and I went to get groceries, the first stop was Claire's to get Olivia's ears pierced. We were shocked she finally said yes, and even more shocked that she didn't cry (or scream), but sat perfectly quiet. (Yes, she's wearing the same clothes two days in a row 'cause we rock like that).
 She was so excited (her ears aren't red anymore).

Then we raced to Sam's Club because the husband called to tell me that my Packers were playing (I thought the game was later....). We made it home for the second half and then watched the baseball game.

One side and then the other. $650 and it only fills a backseat. I find that sad.

In the morning I made eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for Elijah and his friend Matt. They said they tried making hash browns the day before and mine were much better. :)
Then for dinner we had fried pork chops with gravy, Alfredo pasta, stuffing, green beans, applesauce and garlic bread. Funny how cooking seemed like a chore once upon a time and now I love to cook for my family. Can't wait for the day I have a big kitchen.

This is the view out of Emily's window.

Last night my husband and I went on a date. It is the first thing we have done (just the two of us) since before Elijah's accident. We went to a fundraiser (for the Alaska State Troopers) concert (and sat next to Grandma Debbi!!). This is Safety Bear. :)

We really enjoyed the comedian. Completely clean performance. You had to be in the over-40 crowd and a parent to  "get" a lot of his jokes....and we got them! The musician was Lorrie Morgan and I had a video clip, but am on a strange computer so decided to forget it.
I am amazed at the great mood that I am in today. It's been a long three months since Elijah got hurt, and with his care, legal and custody issues and school problems I have been all-consumed. It has refreshed my spirit to have a couple hours to clear my head....not to mention watching the baseball game uninterrupted while having a good meal was a super bonus. Now if the Cardinals would have just won!

Okay. I'm taking my good mood and tackling some more house projects today. I'm feeling pretty motivated to finish things up....having Sydney and Nick back in town, having Elijah healthier and bringing friends over, Emily and all her little friends....just makes me want it all completed that much more.


FlowerLady said...

This post is positive and I'm so glad things are looking better there for all of you. Olivia looks happy with her newly pierced ears. Elijah really looks good considering what he's been through. He looks healthy and happy.

It's hard to believe you are having snow already and it was neat seeing the view out Emily's bedroom window.

Glad you and your DH had a nice date nite. It was just what the two of you needed.

You can't get out of SAM's without spending some money that's for sure. But it is so nice to stock up on things.

Have a great week Gayle.


Lori Skoog said...

$650! How long does that last you? Do they promote using reusable bags up there? How do you carry all that stuff into the house without them? Glad you caught a break and feel better today.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Olivia looks adorable with her pierced ears and Elijah looks fantastic. Its nice to see such a big smile on his face. You sure sound happy today! I would have loved to see Lorrie Morgan. I love her music!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

OMG! Don't hold your breath over those Cardinals!!!

Glad you had a nice date with the hubs!

Diana said...

Hello, Gayle. It's been a while since I've visited, but you know how summers and gardens go.

Your lovely children are growing right before our eyes... so blessed.

I don't even want any of that snow here yet. ;)