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The White House

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finally Finished!!

This is a different angle of Daisy’s pen. It’s a pie shape, but if squished into a square my guess is it would be 75’ by 35’ or so. That’s a lot of room for one sheep. The dozen trees in there drop an incredible amount of leaves. I seriously cannot believe how long it has taken to finish this job, but finish it we did.


The extended days of sunshine (not heat) have really helped. Just a couple more, please.


Homer helped me finish up last night as the first part of my day was spent planning a party (I’ll tell you about that in a few days). I believe I fibbed yesterday. There are seven finished compost bins, but I will put one more together today to make the 8th. All eight bins will provide 512 cubic feet of composting area. The leaves will compress when I add the straw from the chicken pen and then they will be truly full. When the process is complete I may have to build more garden beds or I won’t have anywhere to put it. :) (Can you believe I said that out loud? I seriously doubt I need more garden beds, but it is an addiction….and not such a bad one). (Yes, we work until dark every night….and it gets downright chilly).


I hung Daisy’s hay and spread a bale of straw around the pen. I don’t like her to be on the bare dirt. Besides it looks nice and will all be raked in the spring into the compost bins.


That’s one more thing completed on my to-do list and one hundreds things to go!  Where should I start today? Ummm, well I did get five kids out of bed (Nick over slept…getting him a different alarm today), made five lunches and got them all out the door. Can I call it good?

Just kidding.

Sort of.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You got a lot accomplished. You must have the best compost in town! Maybe you can start selling it??

Lori Skoog said...

Daisy's pen looks great. All your hard work shows and I'll bet she likes it.