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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chilly Even Working Hard

This morning it was 28*. I spent some time with dishes, sweeping, cleaning…just waiting for it to warm up. When I saw a glimpse of the sun I headed out to work.


Some are very excited at the prospect of snow. Just the frost makes me shudder.


Today was a day full of cleaning garden beds, tilling them, moving perennials around and doing one last mowing of the lawn. I got the 11 beds on the left done and 6 of 8 done on the right. Almost there! Hoping I get another day of no snow to finish up.


Daisy is acting very strange. Running and aggressive. She appears very healthy, has plenty to eat and drink. Maybe it is the change in the seasons?


How cute is this girl? She looks like she should be on horse back.


Got up to 40* while I was working, but it seemed a lot colder. I could see my breath. I think it is the dampness that makes it bone chilling.


Olivia grabbed my camera to take pictures of mom working.


I dug up the dahlia tubers in two other beds and moved them to one bed. I have never tried leaving them in the ground for the winter so their growth in the spring will be a welcomed surprise. If they don’t make it I will have a back-up plan.



The kids and I went and got another load of garden soil. I still need to fill up the two of three new beds that have been finished. Waiting for the piles to thaw in the spring causes me way too much anxiety. Much better to just get the beds ready now.


I finished planting this bed of Corcopius. I went ahead and put down the layer of newspaper. A little experiment to see if it will last through the summer after being out all winter. I also trimmed these down to ground level. The tag said to do it…I don’t know for sure. Perennials are new to me!


I also planted these perennials that I can’t remember the name of and am way too tired to look for the tag. I didn’t have enough to fill the bed so I’ll have to plant something at each end next spring.


The left side all done and ready for winter!



I took these two photos before it got dark, but actually finished up all but two of the beds.



I bought some dianthus way back in summer that never got planted. I have no idea if the root systems still have life or not, but I figure I have nothing to lose by planting them. If they come up in the spring, great, and if they don’t I’ll plant something else.


I also dug up these four geraniums and potted them for in the house this winter. Amazing how much time this all takes.


The sun was going down and the temperatures were dropping forcing me into the house. Hoping tomorrow can be as successful.




Look who is kickin’ it on the couch. Out like a light and I’m headed that way myself.



FlowerLady said...

Wow Gayle ~ You always impress me with all the work that you do. Your garden preparations for winter and next spring look great. It's hard to believe you'll soon be covered in snow.

It is cooler here this morning and I am thankful.

Hope you have a great day today.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Lori Skoog said...

You are one working maniac!

By the way, you have my deepest sympathies over the passing of Roxie. So sorry.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I know nothing about sheep, but a lot of animals are going into rut this time of year, and that makes them aggressive. Also, for perennials, in the spring, when they just start coming up, you can split them, replant both pieces, and this easily doubles your flowers.

Janie said...

You accomplished a lot in one day! Since you've already had your first freeze, ours can't be far behind.