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The White House

Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting’ Busy

What an exhausting day. We worked hard and we aren’t close to being ready for winter. A little help out of Elijah; Nick no where to be found. If I could just get two honest days work out of those boys we might beat the snow. Humpf!

Found more plants by Em’s greenhouse that never got planted from when I went to the hospital with Elijah. Stuck those in the end of a bed.


Homer and I shoveled this leftover dirt into the loader for my new beds. Elijah helped him empty  my truck.



Now that the top bed has dirt Homer can build the bottom bed more than likely in the Spring.


Granma and Papa stopped by for a couple hours. They are on their way back to Oregon after spending the last year in Council (by Nome). We hadn’t seen them in a year. Emily hasn’t seen them in two (she was at her dad’s the last time they were here). I left a message to see if she could come for a quick visit, but no such luck. It’ll be three years for her (if she gets to see them next summer).




Homer used the loader to pull the trees out of the hole and up into the yard. Hopefully, I can get Nick to cut them up and Elijah to pile the wood by the house for me to split.



There are some in the far back plus about ten trees over being the dog yard. They are all trees we cut down years ago and never did anything with. We’ve also got seven to cut down for the satellite man plus six where the shop will go. Wish I felt comfortable running a chainsaw. Everyone loves the wood heat, but no one wants to saw.


Hello Jasper. Jasper in now in the house. I picked up a cage for her the other day. When I was a child I had a rabbit in one of the coldest places on earth (Tok, Ak). Every morning before school and every evening I took Thumper water and food whether it was 50* above or 50* below. I was about 8 or 9. Well, I’m no fool. Times have changed and I know damn well Emily is not going to make the trek in the dark across the yard alone to do the same. I could do it for her when I do the chickens/sheep, but it is her responsibility. Now she can clean the cage every other day (that she’s here) in the house and care for her bunny.


Olivia raked up a pile of leaves and they had a grand time playing in them.



Homer picked me up a new leaf blower. You may recall from awhile ago that I burnt up mine using straight gas. I’ve really missed it. I blew the front sidewalks, around the pool, garden beds and driveway. It is going to work great for the animal pens as well.

I got all but one vegetable bed cleaned and all the stuff around them stacked in front of the greenhouse. I still have to till several and then they’ll be good to go. Papa and Granma helped clean the greenhouse so all I have to do is haul the stuff out, till, sweep and store my things inside. That’s all.




Look at all the stuff they found still growing in the greenhouse. After all that has gone on lately I just didn’t care and wasn’t going to bother. Now I’ll be making green salsa (for the first time) and nothing will be wasted.


Olivia also helped me pull all the flowers in the 110-foot bed in the ditch. I have to trim the grass and then I can till it. We worked until dark and now it is time for me to get out there and get busy. Already an off start to the day…I woke up at 6:15am and should have just gotten up. I laid there, fell back asleep, the power went out, the alarm didn’t go off, we missed the buses and I drove everyone to school. *sigh*


gpc said...

Someone just gave me a recipe for green apple pie -- with cinnamon and sugar, probably tastes apple-ish. I have a lot of green ones that I plan to try it on when I get time -- have you ever eaten one?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Everything looks great - you got a lot done!

Stace said...

wow...I need a little of that ambition here! I did manage to get one major "got to get done before winter" thing almost all that it's stopped raining. Hopefully I get a few more good days before snow flies. Love your new flower beds...those are going to look great next year!

Lori Skoog said...

You have done so much work! It looks great.

Janie said...

I don't know why leaves are so much fun, but all kids seem to love them. You still have lots of veggies from the garden!