The White House

The White House

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still Catching Up


Last Wednesday…..

The turkey “disappeared” while I was gone. Wednesday Emily came running over to tell me the turkey was back. Then she disappeared again. I had a hunch. Emily and I took a look in the woods. Can you see her?




Jezebel had a nest of 14 eggs. We don’t have a Tom so it’s pointless, but she doesn’t know that.


When I set her back down she carefully tucked the eggs back under her.


Emily and Olivia moved the eggs into Daisy’s pen and made an elaborate nest trying to recreate the one in the woods. She totally did not recognize the eggs and continued to fly out into the woods. Em brought her back in 3 or 4 times and then she finally gave up and stayed put. The best part of the whole deal was watching the girls work together.


See? Big tops, small, but tasty carrots.


This is us making a more conscious effort to spend more time together. We tend to work on separate projects…he works on things I can’t do and I work on things I can do without help. At the end of the day we go to bed and hardly have spoken. Wednesday night we messed around with the compost while the girls were make the nest for Jezebel. Normally, I stir my compost with a pitch fork and work up a sweat. Would you believe Emily suggested using the rototiller? What an improvement! These first three bins are ready for the gardens. Such a sweet earthy smell. Unfortunately we ran out of gas so there are still many more bins to mix.


I need another six bins. One can never have too much compost. :)



Jasper is one loved rabbit. When Emily is gone for the week Olivia feeds, waters and plays with Jasper without even being asked. The other morning when I walked outside Jasper was in the driveway. Immediately I knew I would never be able to catch her. Would you believe that bunny came running as fast as she could into my arms. She sure loves her humans.


In pajamas playing with chickens. This was really a perfect evening. Those two girls played and explored for hours. I always wanted my kids to grow up on a farm. While this isn’t quite all that, it is close. (Lucas and Elijah were inside. Lukey doesn’t get too far from him now that he is back home).


This isn’t to show  you how badly the stairs need painted. Your supposed to notice our Thursday afternoon visitor.


Someone is venturing a little to close to my gardens. We had a verbal agreement, the groundhog and I. If he stays out of the gardens he can live. Someone is dangerous close to a breech of contract.


A scorcher is was not, but there was enough heat for them to get in for a bit. Quite possibly the final swim of the season.


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Mama Bean said...

Love your new header pic - and your compost looks gorgeous! I think it's sweet you and your husband are working on working together more <3 thanks for the update. still praying for e's recovery :)