The White House

The White House

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Really Wanted To

I really wanted to post some photos. I really should have taken some, but I'm just plain wore out.

I'm full-on taking care of Elijah and 364 other details in our lives.

Somehow I managed to spend time with Olivia making Dill Pickles and Bread and Butter Pickles... both of which I've never done before. And we processed Swiss Chard leaves to freeze and chopped up all the stuff to make the relish in the morning. And she wants me to teach her how to make hats. Plus, school is coming and no shopping has been done. And. And. And.

I need a world remote pause button so I can get caught up.

My husband said it will all be okay. This, too, will pass. Really it will. One day I'll wake up and it will be December and Christmas and I will have survived through it all. But right now, in the middle of it all, it kind of sucks.

And that's just me being honest.


FlowerLady said...

Your pickles sound great.

Your DH is right, it will all be ok. Time and patience dear Gayle. May you feel love and peace surrounding you each day as you lovingly care for your family and critters.


Martha in PA said...

You have every right to feel overwhelmed. Your life on a good day overwhelms me - with one teen, a dog, cat and 2 guinea pigs to take care of. Recently I've been helping my mother through her recovery from surgery, she's used to being independent and can not right now, and I feel overwhelmed some days trying to split me TWO ways, but I can not even fathom where you are.

You need to give yourself a break, realize some things might not get done, but that will be okay. From following you for some time I know that is not who you are. Your passion for all you do is amazing! You need a pause button to PAUSE, not so you can catch up!

Take care of yourself, and I hope Elijah's recovery is as speedy as possible.

Martha in PA
Mom on Caffeine

Lucy Keturi said...

Gayle hugs to you and your family. It will get better, but until it does I am here if you need me.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

we can only do what we can do and the rest well! Take care of yourself because you are the glue of the family for sure.