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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Shots

This is a bunch of random shots I just downloaded from my phone. I haven’t seen my pocket camera since before the accident and I don’t lug my big camera around especially since I’ve left it outside, overnight, in the rain twice since I’ve returned home. (Do you think I have a lot on my mind or what?).

Elijah’s first outing in town to Wal*Mart to pick up contacts. He sure has come a long way in the last two weeks. He no longer uses the cane or leg brace. Balance and control are not 100%, but both are good enough to not need aid. Heck – even gimpy he probably has better balance than me!


There’s the cable he ran into on the motorcycle. Yes, right there between the orange on the left and the pipe on the right. No, I can’t see it either so it isn’t something you would see on the move. It is far enough off the road to be out of the highway easement and on private property where he should not have been so I can’t fault the owner. Is it dumb to not flag it? Yes. Illegal? No.


We took Olivia and Lucas to the fair one day for a little while. It wasn’t that great. Apparently some goats or sheep had lice when they showed up to check in and were turned away. Then other people willingly kept their animals out of the fair so there wasn’t much to see except for a building full of guinea pigs and rabbits. For the record, my chickens would have won. Maybe next year.

This thing looks like a dog, but it is a rabbit.



Aren’t they fun?


Not much for flowers were entered either. I’m going to have to enter that class next year, too. There were hardly any vegetables, but then I found out that what we saw were the Junior entries. The Adult entries came a couple days later so I never saw those.


They played two games, didn’t ride rides and were content to not go back a second day. I was relieved. It costs a small fortune to go.


Here’s Emily berry picking.


You can barely see Homer and can’t see the little ones. The bushes are so tall.


The photo is blurry, but you get the idea of how thick the berries are this year. I should be picking right now, but I’m lazy. Or something. I never have been able to get back into anything after 11 days of sitting at the hospital. I used to work so hard. Now I hardly work. I know it is okay, but I also know I’ll regret it once the snow comes.


Elijah goes to physical therapy twice a week. I notice he reaches for and rubs his head a lot when he is doing something or being asked questions. I wonder if it feels funny when he has to really concentrate or if it is just a random action. Let’s just say he is even more quiet than he was before so all I get is “I don’t know” to most of my questions. Teens…they’d rather do anything than talk to parents!


He got he stitches out as well. This doesn’t look too bad, but now it looks awful. He has a huge dent in the middle. I suppose maybe that fills in when new bone grows? I’m no neurosurgeon so that’s just a guess. Maybe some hair will do the trick.


Here’s the office. Ruth is awesome. She owns this business with her husband who was Elijah’s basketball coach for several years. She is great with him because she knows him so she can talk to him like one of her son’s. He won’t be doing the therapy too much longer once she has exercises established with him. Then it will be up to him to do them at home if he wants to teach another part of his brain to take over for the damaged part. His motivation is zero so it’s on me.


One day I took the kids to a nearby park while he did his exercises.



Tuesday the kids had their Open House at School to find their new classrooms.


This was my 14th Cookie Social at this school. Wonder why I’ve never taken a photo like this one until now?


The kids and I spent seven hours shopping yesterday on the last day of summer vacation. That sucked, but I must say they were awesome. We made a quick stop at Creamer’s Field to see the cranes and geese (who have enough sense to get out of here as the cold approaches), but it started to rain so back to shopping we went. Also wondering why my son and daughter have the same clothes on two days in a row? Guess I should pay closer attention.



I made another quick stop at Lowe’s for plant therapy for myself. Seems like I’ve been giving so much to everyone else lately that I wanted to do something for myself. I picked up 22 perennial flowers and 2 bushes for $33. I’m itching to go back. I’d like to have more of the bushes to put around the yard.


First day of school and we had rain and fog in the morning. Yuck. It’s a little bit sunny now, but I still have no motivation to go outside. I just don’t know what my problem is. I don’t think I’m depressed. I just don’t seem to care much about other stuff anymore. I’m content to just sit in the same room with my kids and watch them. I guess coming close to losing one of them has affected me more than I care to admit. I realize I can’t just sit and watch them for the next 15 years, but for today, it will be okay.


My Little Man had his Kindergarten assessment this morning. The teacher said he’s definitely ready for school. Does he know his ABC’s or address? No. I didn’t sweat it and just let him enjoy being a kid. He gets to have his brain crammed full of  useless useful stuff for the next 13 years. The first 5 were mine to create a Lego Master ‘cause that is important stuff, too. :)

He feel asleep coming home. Can’t recall the last time he was woke up before noon at 7:30am.


Well, it’s now 45 minutes before Olivia gets home on the bus and what have I done today? I took Elijah to physical therapy and then to take his driver’s permit test (he can take the test, but can’t get his license until 6 months after his head injury) except he couldn’t take it because I didn’t have his social security number with me so we just went home. I cleaned Emily’s room and did two loads of laundry. There are at least another ten. Em and I went through the house and found a whole lotta clothes stuffed here and there all summer long that were dirty. Oh joy. What else? Ummmm…. nothing. My house looks like a bomb went off in it. Can someone send some motivation my way? Thanks.


Mama Bean said...

E's progress is AMAZING! i'm not surprised this accident has caused you to just want to be around your kids right now, I think i would react the same way. let your heart lead, everything else will follow :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you read comments or not...but have sent all my motivation your way..sorry ain't is a Simmons think as we get older...Elijah is looking good. I know the split on my head got better, but never went completly away. Hair does cover it. Would love to see some pictures of your yard, before is all gone...Love you Sis

Janie said...

The berries look delicious. I hope the kids had fun picking.
I'm glad Elijah is making progress.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You have so much on your plate all the time. You deserve a little ME time to relax and reflect. And regroup. I really admire you gayle.