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The White House

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flowers Part Four

More geranium pots.  Buds and few blooms. I’ve seen geraniums all over town doing splendid so it’s obviously me. Soon I will just take them all inside as house plants (that I’ll kill about December and wonder why I bothered). I can’t even pick these up they are so big and heavy.
When moving these marigolds I actually took the time to put about a dozen in two pots to take down to Debbi. Do you see where they have sat for three weeks? The sidewalk of shame. Maybe I can remember to put them on her porch before it snows.
I was so stoked about having a sunflower forest. Not quite. At least one bloomed so it wasn’t a 100% failure. That stalk is about 6.5 feet tall.
With a flash (shows the colors).
What things looked like while I was standing there. Good Lord I should learn to run this camera.
As individual flowers I’ve got some nice stuff. As a whole bed everything looks like chaos which is exactly how my life was, full of chaos, last Spring. Plants died; plans weren’t followed. I like orderly gardens and this looks like poo. Not to mention you’ll notice in every photo I need to mow. Damn rain.
I believe I will stick to dwarf asters as it is obvious my  life it too full to have time to stake the powderpuffs. The pouring rain last night really did a number. I need to just cut and put on the table. (Olivia picked some for her teacher this morning while waiting for the bus in the rain).
I was thinking about white petunias down the 110-foot bed next summer. It would really brighten things up. Any suggestions?
The first half of the bed was planted about a month before the second half so it is much bigger, but do you notice how the weeds and grass are taking over?
This is the half I mulched with newspaper. Only a few grass blades on the edge near the rocks. (The plants are only smaller because they were planted so much later). I will definitely take the time next summer to lay down newspaper in every bed. The hours would add up to days that I would save not having to weed. Plus, everything would look neat and tidy instead of driving me nuts.
The perennials that will be moved to the sunflower bed, I think.
Doesn’t it look like broccoli?
Had I been home to take care of stuff the cucumbers you see in the greenhouse would be up the sides. As it is they had no string and fell over.
Doesn’t this just scream Fall and smell like snow? We are supposed to have a few days without rain and I really hope to get my butt in gear, but my days are ridiculously busy away from home.
And one last geranium plant? Why did I do all my pots this way? I should have just put all these in one bed together. Instead, I have a lot of blah pots.
And there it is…..finally showing off my gardens. Hope you had a chance to look through them all and leave me suggestions. Always looking for ways to make things better.

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FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ In spite of all that you've been through lately, you still have a lot of beauty and goodies to eat. I didn't even notice that your lawn needed mowing. I really loved the pansies and marigolds growing in the same bed.

A lot of your flower beds are cottage style, where everything grows happily together.