The White House

The White House

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I’m Being Lazy


With the cool temperatures it feels like summer is winding down and we’ve lost our get-up-and-go when we should be rising early and working frantically.  Logically, I know summer is not completely over and I tend to work less when Em is at my house so I’m sure I’ll pick the pace back up on Friday.

I started my day by watering the greenhouse.


My in-the-greenhouse radish experiment.



Four radishes weighed 1 lb. 1.2 oz. They were a bit woody and should have been picked a lot sooner, but they cooked up fine. (For some reason I can’t grow radishes this summer which I know is crazy because I swear they grow in concrete, but it has been one of my failures).


I managed to break off several of those leaves trying to get through. Can I just trim them without hurting the plant?


If all those flowers ever fruit we’ll be over-flowing in tomatoes, but again…it is getting so late in the year.


Found this guy eating my zinnia. My urge was to squish him, but I didn’t. I saved him for the kids so we can build a habitat and watch him spin a cocoon. Emily found another one later on. Destructive little fellows. I have no idea what it is…butterfly or moth…and a quick search isn’t getting fast enough results and I have things to do! Maybe you know? I did find an interesting article on the damage from inch worms we are getting in Alaska.


I used the radishes for lunch first by sautéing onions in olive oil, then adding radish greens, sliced radish and garlic.

025         026

A little half n half and some grated parmesan cheese.

027         028

Salted to taste and eaten with some garlic toast. Not too bad.


Onion to the compost pile and the rest for the chickens. Some day if I ever get my life organized I’ll be a recycling fool! :) Maybe someday I’ll get the pleasure of helping one of my kids organize their home so they aren’t my age still trying to get it together!


We finally had a break in the rain so I started by mowing the new grass. So shaggy looking!


I totally prefer neat and tidy.


Then I weed whacked the beds and mowed. Why doesn’t it look much different in the photos? If you could see closer the rocks are much neater.





Too yellow! I’m headed out with the fertilizer today!



I built a bed along here a few years ago before we got siding for the house. It will need to come out so someday Homer can get in there. On the end are some raspberry bushes that Cody and I dug up one summer. There’s even a little fruit ripening. While I mowed Emily loaded some of the rocks for around the pond.


We figured out very quickly that we are going to have to go in search of a lot more!


I had very little time before we had to go so I hurried to mow the ditch. You can’t tell by the photo, but much of it was 5-7 inches long and damp. I had to empty the bag a million times. Before one plants 200 feet of grass about 30 feet wide they should own a riding lawnmower! I was such a sweaty mess when I was done I had to grab a quick shower.


This needs fertilizer as well plus they are some spots that need replanted.


Homer saved the day by stopping for the burgers and buns while we searched fruitlessly for Lucas’ soccer shoes. We may never see them again. Then it was off to his end-of-the-year BBQ. One more game tonight. He is going to miss this so much. I only got one photo of Emily. She took over as photographer!


Elijah came with a friend, but Nick wasn’t able to make it.


My hero!



Yes, she dressed herself. She said the clothes matched because they both have white in them. She is so much like Emily was.



Well, here we are at noon and I haven’t done anything except chase off ravens…twice…and blog. Time to throw in some laundry and do some chores. Soccer will be here before we know it.


Mama Bean said...

i am going to try that radish recipe. we have sooooo many of them, and i don't really even like them, but maybe i'll like them cooked. thanks for sharing!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Gayle, your yard is just lovely to look at! But I would spend all my time in the greenhouse. Hey, can't you get a riding lawn mower?

Tink *~*~* said...

Catching up with your blog. Girlfriend, you need a ride-on mower with a mulching attachment. Or at least a mulching blade for your push mower. Then you could dispense with the bag and return much needed nitrogen to the soil with shredded-up clippings. IN the fall, run the mower over the leaves and return much-needed carbon to the soil. No bag-emptying necessary!