The White House

The White House

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Are Soggy

Here are a couple of the several loaves of pumpkin bread I made yesterday. To me, that is a Fall food.

It looks like this outside and feels like Fall so it seemed appropriate. I feel this panicky feeling inside. We have seven weeks until the kids go back to school. Only a few more weeks after that and summer will be over and it will be cold. HELLO??? Summer hasn't started! It's been rainy and cold. Yes, we had a few days of hot a month ago, but nothing since. This is two bad summers in a row. Maybe it's time for me to rent that villa in Italy. I found one for only $10,000 a week. Guess I'll go weed in the rain and accept my fate.

Tink suggested on Facebook that I try cooking spray for my hands. Sorry, for the blurry shot, but I am here to tell you not only did it get the grime out this is the softest my hands have been all "summer". Thanks for the tip!!

I can't work outside. Well, I could, but I don't want to. Standing in the rain all day isn't as fun as it was a few years ago when developing our property was exciting. (I still enjoy it at times, but it is becoming more of a job than fun). So what did I do? I took the last 70 squares of flooring that have been sitting here forever and put them down. Now about 1/4 of the room is finished. Is it what I want? No, not really, but tile would be several thousand dollars so this is much better than concrete.

I also cleaned here. This has been the catch-all area for stuff no one knows what else to do with until the house is done and closets are built. I knew just what to do with the stuff: Get rid of it!!'s been 8 years....I could die before the closets come. I hauled out 4 bags of trash, 3 bags to give away and stored the rest in totes behind The Curtain. Now all that is left is my now-broken computer chair (that I'll throw away when my husband isn't looking because he always wants to fix things but never has the time), the stuff in it goes in my truck, there is a blanket to take to the Laundromat, a bucket of hockey gear to sell and a cart of tools. Oh, and that damn wrestling mat that everyone but me loves. (Looking forward to the garage door being a wall with a window. We have the window...but need a hot day without bugs before we open it up).

There it is! That 8-foot air hockey table that has been buried under 2 feet of junk for a year. Gone! The Little People must have played for two hours last night!
Lucas also had soccer practice last night. The gnats were so horrible at the park. Normally we don't see them until August, but they showed up a couple weeks ago. Just a lousy summer as far as bugs and weather. Not really fair considering how long our winters are...we deserve a little sunshine. Hear that sun? Quit hiding and come out!

Debating on whether I should paint the bathroom or tend to my plants in the rain. Decisions, decisions.....any guesses as to what I'll do?

Oh, and I was asked if the Swiss Chard Artichoke Pizza had it did not. You can find the recipe here.


Corey~living and loving said...

I think your floor looks great. :) I feel your worries about summer being gone before it started. :(

Janie said...

It's been a weird year for weather. Summer has only started here this week. The snow melt has been delayed by almost a month.
I wouldn't mind a villa in Italy. Sounds excellent!