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The White House

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Is What You Make Of It

So my goal...after finally getting my lazy bones out of bed...was to move as quickly as possible. I figured if I walked quicker, moved quicker, I could actually do the mundane chores of laundry, dishes, floor mopping, etc. and have time for the "other stuff". No. In fact, that is a big NO.

The kitchen was still a disaster from the night before which is most cases. I am the only one allowed to put things in the dishwasher. Well, not really, but since no one else does it must be some kind of secret rule they haven't told me.

I washed dishes, walls, stoves, counters, mixers, grills....I scrubbed a very tiny (temporary...I hope) kitchen. And I made smoothie yogurt Popsicles.

Know what? It didn't matter that I moved quickly. It took hours. Hours of my summer that I cannot waste again. Kitchen scrubbing will just have to happen in October.

While I BBQ'd chicken (and I should not be the one doing this...I burn it every time), I got to thinking about that saying "how do working moms do it?". Let me tell you how. They are gone all day. Their spouse is gone. The kids are in daycare. NO ONE is messing up the freaking house. They come home, eat, clean up, go to bed. NO MESS!  I, on-the-other-hand, have five kids and myself and various animals in the home all day, every day. If no one was here...let me tell would be clean.

Made the best potato salad in the world, too. Just couldn't resist. Another tip? Bigger is not better. My house has entirely too many square feet....3200. There are parts of it I don't go to for days on end. I could have people living here that I don't know about. Maybe they are the ones making the messes. Really...imagine, tiny house, three people, one pet. Easy peasy. (I like it difficult so don't take this as complaining...just an observation).
Oh, and since I was already wasting a summer day in the house I went ahead and made my son a pizza. Took half to him at soccer, he had a slice when he got home and he has a couple of slices for lunch tomorrow. I so love that kid.

Look at the lightening and thunder storm that had just moved through. Glad it happened  before soccer so we stayed dry.

This kid on my team was so awesome. Olivia and Lucas wanted to stay at Nick's game (Dad usually picks them up). I guess they are older now and know how to make it fun. This kid played with Lucas every single time he was out of the game. They had a lot of laughs. (p/s....Olivia is taking all these shots while I was coaching).

Takes his sports so seriously and he's only five!!

Yep, that's me. Pretty laid back. I don't really "coach". I let the kids do what they want...let them have fun. If they need me to make the decision as to who to sub for then I do it, but other than that, it is their game.
His buddy is playing.

I am really enjoying this group of kids. I never thought I would, but this has been a very rewarding experience. They are super funny. I told them I'd bring stuff to BBQ after one of these games. I think we'll have cookies again on Wednesday.
I have plants that need planted, weeds that need destroyed, pens that need raked, cars that need washed, dogs that need a bath, etc. etc. and my day was spent in the kitchen.  Ummmm. Not tomorrow!! (I sure hope it doesn't rain too much).


Lori Skoog said...

Olivia has a great eye photography...nice to see you in one of the pictures. Your chicken looked great to do you make your potato salad?

Gail said...

I am a working mom and do have messes when I get home...I think I have a nest of mess fairies!

The children and showing them how loved they are is most important. They won't remember the messy house but the times you spent with them...and that yummy food.

RottenMom said...

In my neighborhood the working Moms have nanny's and housekeepers. Oh and one of them has someone who cooks for them. No shit.

Olivia is a great little photographer!

And yum, my favorite potato salad, you introduced me to it last year!

Patty said...

Agree about the messier house for stay at home moms. Very true!

Janie said...

How nice to bring pizza to soccer practice. The kids must have loved that.
That BBQ chicken looks great to me!