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The White House

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Time Is Fun Time

Do you have fast Internet? There are days I really consider giving up blogging. I love it, love connecting with people all across the country, but my Internet is so slow it makes posting frustrating. It turns into a couple hour process waiting for things to load. I do get up and clean house while I wait, but I'd rather just start and finish quickly.

This is one of the two lilacs we got as wedding gifts. I wish I had thought to save the tags. This is the first year for this one to bloom (4th summer). It has much darker flowers than the other one.

The dragonflies are finally here. Hopefully they'll do a number on the mosquitoes!

I spent quite a bit of time watching this hummingbird moth enjoying the flowers. What an interesting little creature.

It was another hot day with a lot of swimming by the Little People.

After clearing 20 feet of a 110-foot bed I really began to wonder what I was thinking when I built it last summer. Note: this isn't as much fun as it looks.  I was determined to finish it today, but it is raining. Hopefully, it clears up later on.

Another back hoe mishap. This bank has become rock hard with moss and the grass no longer grows. My thought was to tear it up and reseed, but the roots are so bound that it comes up in big hunks which then exposed the power line which then was sliced. We should have just added dirt to the top which is what we will do now (and on the other hill). (That's what happens when he listens to me and does what I want instead of telling me what should be done.)

Emily's Greenhouse...or the starts of it anyhow. It's 24' long and 16' wide!! Much bigger than what the photos depict. Homer brought home more boxes the other day, but I want to let her paint them so this will just be a slow work in progress.

We are getting a late start and I don't know if she'll produce anything, but she doesn't care. She told me she is just happy that she has something to water that is her own.

I really love summers. All the kids and myself really want to move to where the sun shines more than it does here (we make "plans" all the time). Now if we could only transplant my husband's job!

Jezabel is really becoming a pain. We were trying to visit last night and she kept flying out of the pen, walking across the yard and getting into my gardens. I finally just put her in my lap to nap. My turkey who thinks she is human!!

Jen got into the pool with Olivia and Lucas while her son Steven enjoyed the hammock. Before it was over I got into the pool with them and we really had a lot of fun. Later, her daughter Allison came up and Homer built a fire for roasting marshmallows. Very nice evening of company.


Lori Skoog said...

Alaska the way you love it!

Have Homer start looking for jobs down here!

Gail said...

Your place is really looking beautiful!

Do you ever rest?

thecrazysheeplady said...

A hummingbird moth - cool!