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The White House

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Love The Heat

Yesterday was a hot one and these two spent most of the day in the pool. How refreshing!

While they cooled off I worked up a big sweat. First I ran the weed whacker around each garden bed and down the ditch bed.

Then I mowed the front yard.

Next was the ditch that I wasn't looking forward to. It's only been done the one time Elijah did it. It was long and wet. The bag clogged up every 15 feet and it was pretty frustrating. I have to bag it otherwise the clippings would blow in the pond.

See how long it was!!

Done!! (I had to go over it twice to clean up the mess!)

More weeds than plants. One of these days....

Do your hands look like this in the summer? Clean isn't much better than this. I wear gloves for some things, but not  in the dirt.

This is the 100 foot bed down the ditch that I need to clean and plant. Normally it would have been done three weeks ago. Not sure what my problem is, but I am determined to finish it this weekend.

Then it was time to mow the corner. The wild roses and weeds have choked out the grass. There were leaves from last fall. What a mess.

It may not be green, but it looks a lot better. Three hours later in 80* weather I was finally done pushing the mower. Talk about a workout!

Oh, wait...I also mowed the end of the pond. :) I can't wait until the grass goes all the way around it. This looks so much better.

So I asked my husband to "rough up" the dirt along this fence so I could plant grass. He and Olivia decided to pull out a stump.

That hole was five feet deep! What a mess.

I should maybe rethink letting him loose in the back hoe! :)

It was a lot bigger than he thought it was going to be. He said that the roots still had ice on them. How's that for being the frozen North?

This morning I met the lady from Delta at Walmart. Turns out they were coming to town so she brought me six bales of straw and six bags of barley. Saved me a 200 mile trip!  I don't know if these people are the cheapest in Delta, but I really like them so when they hay we will make the trip to their farm to stock up for the winter for Daisy.

Jezebel thinks she is human. She doesn't speak sheep. She doesn't speak chicken. She flies out of the pen to find us wherever we are.

Look the peas are growing!

And the Lawn Tractor is doing its job.
I went in the pool tonight and it was so warm. My friend Jen came up with two of her grown children. We swam and had a fire. An awesome night!! ( I started posting this about ten hours much has happened since then!)


FlowerLady said...

When you said you love heat, I thought this girl must be crazy. Then I read it was 80 there, and after all you did just go through a long winter. I do not do well in our heat and humidity at all. I get grumpy and I feel ill, so try to stay out of if as much as possible. We work outside in the mornings. At night the mosquitoes are too bad to do anything outdoors.

I can't believe you mow all that by hand with a push mower. That is one heck of a job and I know I would be worn out by the time I was done. I do enjoy mowing though, there is something soothing about it and satisfying seeing the way it looks nice when done.

Your pond always looks like such fun and so refreshing.

Have a lovely Sunday Gayle.


Lori Skoog said...

You did a heck of a job with that lawnmower! Glad you had some heat and got to enjoy the pool.