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The White House

Monday, June 6, 2011

On the Go!

(Wednesday) Any time the sun is shining they are in the water.  Great entertainment for them, chore avoidance for me.
Had an appointment to deal with the trouble my son has gotten into. It turned out okay, but will require a lot of my time getting him to a job and community service. When I got home I noticed my lawn was looking so shabby....driving me I ran the weed whacker around the beds and mowed the front. I never did get to the ditch part. It already needs mowed again.

 Wondering why I am seeing people sitting in chairs with clipboards at intersections. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to what they are watching and much of the time they aren't paying attention.
 The traffic is horrible. It really hasn't gotten bad the last couple of years and now, with one of the major roads being worked on and closed, it is diverting traffic to other roads making it miserable. I was stuck trying to race to get soccer shoes and get to the field on time. We made it with about 7 minutes to spare and had to buy the only pair of size 10's in the store which had hot pink stripes. Lucas was cool with it. At least in the photos they look red.
 I wish it was like that every day!
 Wednesday was our first soccer night. Last year Lucas refused to play much of the time and wasn't into it, but he was just four. What a difference a year makes. He was tearing the field up.
 This is U6 meaning some of those kids can turn six in August. Lucas turned five a month ago.
 He didn't let their size slow him down one little bit.  What a tough kid.
 The other team was much bigger and obviously older with more experience (you could tell by the skill level) and they smoked our team, but Lucas did make all of our teams four goals!

 Lucas' game was at 6:00-7:00 PM and then Nick was 8:00-10:00 PM. Grandma came to Lucas' game and then took the three younger ones home to spend the night. It was windy and chilly at the fields. I have the pleasure (sarcasm) of coaching Nick's team. Ya, like 15-18 year olds listen to anyone. Nick played out the first half and then was goalie the second half.

 We won our game, but don't think that will be the case against stronger teams. We also only have 13 with one on takes 11 to fill the field so I had one sub. We may have troubles filling the team later on as teenage boys tend to blow off rec soccer on hot days to go to the lake!
Thursday I had to spend part of the day getting some legal assistance for all the crap my ex is bringing into our lives. I never wanted to go this route, but when faced with irrational behavior for so long there comes a point when one has to respond. Since is was a mentally exhausting day we took a moment to add a little pleasure. Homer and I took Emily to the Pumphouse for some snacks and big girl time.


anymommy said...

You coach teenage boys' soccer?? You are a woman of a million talents, Gayle. Love all the photos, but I am so sorry to hear that the legal crap w/ex continues. I have everything crossed for him to leave you alone.

Janie said...

Fun to see the soccer pics, especially Lucas' team.
You are a brave woman to take on coaching the teenagers!