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The White House

Monday, June 6, 2011

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Friday I moved plants outside. I am hoping to find time to actually plant them. It seems as if I can't find enough hours in the day.
 My niece spent Thursday night and with her and Emily's help we spent the morning cleaning the van. Yes, it took that long. Than we ran through the car wash and dropped it off. A friend is borrowing it for a little while.
 Again we got stuck in traffic as I ended up on the wrong road. Three lanes went down to one during rush hour. We were on a time crunch trying to get to a concert and that is so frustrating.
 I took Emily to her first concert, Barenaked Ladies, with my niece and her girls. The Blue Loon puts on some great outdoor concerts. This was an all ages concert so the fence you see down the middle separates the non-drinking younger crowd (us) from the beer drinking side. There is plenty of security (guys in red along the fence) to keep everything under control. The skies threatened to rain, but it held off until we were walking to the truck. Great luck!! (Note to Grandma Claudia....we sat right in front of Kathy Bue and her kids!:)
 These guys are not only great musicians, but funny too. Well worth seeing.
 My daughter and I had the best time!
 We were late to bed and up early for the Alyeska Track & Field Days. This is a free event giving kids a chance to win a bike. Here all the athletes are lined up for a parade in front of the parents.
 Justise and Emily holding Olivia's hand and Jadyn (in blue) looking at me. Another nice family event.
 Emily ran the 800m. There were only four participants. They are in two year age groups so she was obviously the youngest. I sized up the girls and the second from the left looked like a runner to me.
Emily kept right with the pack on the first lap. This girl went out fast, but ended up losing to the one I thought would win.

 With 1/4 of a lap to go she started falling off the pace. At the end she finished with 3:26 which was 30 seconds faster than her time the day before. I was so proud of her efforts. Had she not been running against girls a year older I'm confident she would have won. Next year she'll be the one that is older.
 Olivia was signed up for the 50m and I really thought she would start crying and refuse, but she didn't!  I was so proud of her, too. She's not the athletic type and I'm good with that. I just wanted to see her participate is something.

 Jadyn did the softball throw.
 She got second place.... missing first by only 6 feet.
 Justise also did the softball throw. Both girls play on recreational and competitive softball teams.
 She got first by about 20 feet and won a bicycle!
 We got home and had a little over three hours to take care of some things around the house to head out the door to a wedding.

Perry and Tina were doing a 20-year wedding renewal.  It was beautiful...
And does the crap stop there. Of course not because if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all.  Also on Saturday night my son's car had both driver side windows busted out and $200 stolen. He spent 3.5 hours Sunday driving around checking out kids on bikes and found a kid with some of his stuff. He and a friend detained him and called the cops. The kid confessed, Nick filed charges, but who knows when he'll get restitution. The kicker?  The kid was 15 and the son of a State Trooper.  I can't even make this stuff up.

Don't forget to scroll down and see the fun we had Wednesday and Thursday.  Now, let's see what shit is going to fly through the fan at us today because it seems pretty obvious I'm not allowed to be happy and there is no regard for the happiness of my children when trying to make me miserable. What is wrong with people?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

they are jealous that no matter comes your way that you and your family are happy

Janie said...

Good for the girls, taking part in the track events! Sorry about all the mess with the ex. That's so unfortunate for everyone concerned.

Tara said...

uhm, wow. Some people are completely and utterly amazing...I'm glad y'all had a great time that day, though :)