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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slow Internet Wasting My Sunshine

This morning I fed and watered the animals, collected a couple eggs and soaked the greenhouse.  Ran inside for a cup of coffee and thought I'd make a quick post about yesterday. My Internet is so slow!! UG!  All the kids in the neighborhood are out of school for summer and sitting on computers while their parents are at working making my Internet come to a crawl.  Shouldn't they be out in the sun?
I attacked the chicken pen yesterday in a raking frenzy.  Hauled out six wheelbarrows full to the compost bins. That house has to go.  It was a temporary set-up for last fall to keep them warm while Homer worked on the coop.  It has a bottom and can't be cleaned. I need the boys to take it apart and haul it out. Oh, I can't wait until the siding is on.  How ugly!
That box has to go, too.  I want a gazebo type shelter that I can clean under.  I like to rake every other day so there is no offensive smell. Still a few more things until the coop is the way I want, but right now the greenhouse is the priority (although I wish the pool was).  I may set up the sprinkler in there to wash away what I didn't get.  It's so very dry here right now.
Daisy's pen was a mess, too, so I raked the whole thing.  Not sure if both pens look very big in photos, but let me tell you, it is a lot of raking. On one hand it would look so much nicer if both pens were grass.  On the other hand, I wouldn't be able to rake it and have all that wonderful material for my compost bins.
Daisy's shelter is outta here, too.  Homer is going to build a small shed that I can stand in to clean.  Not getting any younger!
My grass at the end of the pond is growing. I'm not sure what I expected, but I swear this is the slowest growing grass ever!! :)  It's like watching water boil.
I need to get on the hill and flat area, but I tell you I just can't catch up.  The ditch needs cleaned, plants planted, etc. You know how it is.  I have some helpers coming for an hour or so today.  Hey, I'll take what I can get out of those teenagers although a full day would be really nice!
I filled up the 6th bin and Nick hauled over a couple more pallets so I could start a 7th bin.  I need Homer to screw them together. I give up on that stuff as I usually end up frustrated and waste a lot of time. Then I watered them as long as I could stand to water manure. We haven't had any rain and it's been in the 70's so I have to give the piles a boost.
The kids were feeding Daisy some grass through the fence.  There's really nothing for her to graze on yet and she looks so horrible I won't bring her out. I'm hoping to take care of her tomorrow or at least by the weekend.  I have plans tonight and don't want to jump into that project and not be able to finish.
Look at this egg we got this morning.  Crazy!  I'm guessing some calcium is in order.  Anyone else have any other ideas? Yesterday Emily put up a sign selling Fresh Eggs for $4.00 a dozen (they sell them for $4.99 at the Feed Store).  We had one customer then Nick borrowed the money plus another $20. He wanted to go fishing and when I explained he needed to get a fishing license he was a little ticked. Ha! Welcome to adulthood son.  Life is expensive and you get nickel and dimed to death every time you turn around. Before he was done he loaded up my burger patties and buns, etc. for a camping trip. He'll be coming back today with his friend to do some work for me to "pay me back".
Well, my coffee break is long over (darned Internet service!!).  I need to get back to work. Besides it's already 72* and NO ONE should be inside!! :)


Tara said...

lookin' good!! It's really warming up nicely for y'all now. Our ducks used to occasionally lay eggs like that, too and it would either be calcium deficiency or stress. They'd get stressed out by something in the yard and lay jacked up eggs.

Gail said...

Hey, I could use you here!!! Sounds like you know how to work. Everything is looking great, especially those piles of garden gold.

Hollie said...

keep those teens busy and they won't have time to keep checking how long they've been helping you for...I'm sure you can stretch the hour into 2!
The grass is looking good too.

I still can't believe how quickly your weather seems to turn from loads of snow into in UK its been pretty much the same for that entire time and you've gone from one extreme to the other.

Janie said...

That's one crazy looking egg.