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The White House

Friday, May 13, 2011

If I Was Smart I'd Be In Bed

You know me, the woman who never gets sick.  Oh, am I sick. What I mean is my throat is on fire, my ears are plugged and ache, my nose is stuffed and miserable and my head hurts really bad.  That's the sick that I am, but the part of sick that I am not is the part that rests and gets better. I come from a long line of people who are in denial about being sick...we trudge along, horribly miserable, like everything is fine.

Stupid, huh?

So I've been trudging along, but not blogging. Something had to give.

Here is the second tray of fodder I fed Daisy and the chickens.
I got the chicks moved out to the coop.  I can't believe how long it took me to do that. They should have been out there weeks ago.  They look so tiny, don't they?
What a big, scary world.
I'm finally doing it.... I'm tearing apart Impatiens to get starts. Well, I mean to say, I started to do it, did about 9 and haven't gone back in to finish the job. *sigh* Too many things to do. I planted 5 packets of seeds this year and have 5 Impatiens. Last year I must have grown 50.  I don't get it at all.
Emily and I have been watching the very busy robins hunting worms and bugs. I just love them especially when they play in the sprinkler.
Isn't this the cutest little post office. It's the one down in Ester where I stopped to get stamps for my son's graduation announcements.  The announcements that I didn't order until Tuesday. Picked up Wednesday. Cut out 150 wallet photos and rounded 600 corners. Stuffed 50 envelopes and addressed. Thursday they went in the mail. Tuesday is graduation. Nah. I don't procrastinate at all, do I? Actually, I've been so consumed with Elijah and school and trying to get him to pass his classes that everything else has gone to the side.
Third tray of fodder.  Just awful. Hardly anything germinated. I have one more pan that I soaked for three days changing the water every 8 hours. We'll see how it does.  Homer is going to bring me some of the barley his work is trying.  The guy who sells it says there is a 90-something % germination rate (if I wasn't sick I could maybe remember).
Yesterday with pounding head I went out in the exceedingly high winds to spread dirt around the bare spots in the lawn. (Remember Nick hauled me some dirt, but I never got to the job. He also hauled me a second load yesterday).
Raked the dirt, spread seed, raked again, tilled 16 flower beds, raked them smooth and then spread fertilizer over the entire lawn (inside the fence).  Now it is ready for some water.  Would you believe with all the snow we had this past winter it is apparently still dry here. I suspect it is from the last month of wind, wind, wind. (Do you know, the wind used to NEVER blow here. EVER). There is a burn ban for the next two days from dry conditions and high winds. Gives you some idea how crunchy the lawn is. The dirt is dusty. 
Little FYI: A series of events can occur that will result in the courts ordering an anger management evaluation. No, I'm not angry, nor am I even the issue but it's an equal opportunity make-everyone-miserable investigation. Did you know if you live in my town that is going to cost you $375?  Of your own money? Whether you want to do it or not. I can't even say out loud what I'm thinking, but I'm sure you understand.

On to better things... I have totally procrastinated the day.  I'm not going to admit it is because I'm sick and can barely get moving. I'd rather blame it on being lazy!

I am going to go see about watering the front lawn in the wind at 45* because what else could be more fun?


Gail said...

Your beds are beautiful.

It seems here, that one year one plant is the bumper crop and the next, it is solutions.

anymommy said...

Gorgeous. And Grrrrrrrr. I'm pissed about the anger management thing and I don't even know the whole story. And finally - go to bed! Feel better.

Janie said...

Sorry you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better by now.