The White House

The White House

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Survived Saturday!!

Even sick, sicker than I've ever been, the world marches on. And I with it.

I'm finding 4-8 eggs a day plus one turkey egg.  There could actually be more because they are random nests.  I'll be glad when I have it together to and they have their "real" nest boxes.  What am I doing with all these eggs?  Putting them in the fridge, of course.  I need to put up a sign and sell some. Maybe Emily can make me one when she comes home.

Despite being under the weather I really tried to make the most of Saturday with the kids. I took them to the Train Depot for the open house and to ride the train.  I remember doing this in 1999 when pregnant with Emily. I won the drawing that year and got a framed print that I still have.
This lady had the most beautiful jazz-blues voice with incredible power. I could imagine her singing in night clubs.  They were part of the military band there to provide entertainment.
They have a really neat model train set up with extensive detail, but they really needed more than one step stool.  It is not a kid friendly set up and Olivia is getting a little too big for me to pick up.

They were both on their best behavior which was great considering how I felt.

The conductor paused to pose for a photo with the kids.

After the Train Depot we got McDonald's and went to the playground at Olivia's school to wait for her play date.  She was having her first play date from 2-4 and it was truly the last thing I wanted to do, but how could I not? She was so excited so while her and Lucas ran around having a good time I made small talk with a mother I had never met before.  Not exactly in my comfort zone, but I survived. Glad it didn't last any longer, though, because by 4:00 my head was pounding.

The ONLY mud in the yard and they are like magnets to it!

I was putting around the yard pretty slowly when Dad got home from work.  Our anniversary is the end of July, but he had gotten my gift on Monday.  He couldn't take it anymore and decided to give it to me early so he had me close my eyes and led me into the yard to a new (to me) truck!!  I couldn't believe it.  It's a 2002 F250 diesel with a nice leather interior.  It has a few scratches, but that's good... it means I don't have to worry!  Now I can haul my own hay, dirt, bikes, garbage... whatever.  I'm very excited to be in a truck and out of that 15-passenger van.  Is my husband amazing or what?!!
We immediately went cruising and stopped at the Ester Park for  a little bit, but the mosquitoes were so bad!

I really should have been home in bed, but I guess the excitement of the new truck made me "forget" about my head cold.  We picked up Dave and went visiting the neighbors showing off my truck.  See the mountain range?  Just beautiful. We cruised, found a bonfire, the kids ran wild with some other kids and we didn't get home until midnight when we watched a movie and went to bed at 2:30am!! 

Sunday was a slow moving day.  The sun was shining and it was about 62*.  I planted carrots, onions, spinach and radish seeds. I also brought out some kohlrabi that was already started just to see if they would survive the night (and they did so far).  Olivia helped a little, but mostly her and Lucas played in the dirt!
I wanted to show you the ground hog, but I just don't think you can see him.  He was under the middle of the boat. I was thinking it was my friend from last summer, but this one seems awful small like it is a lot younger.  As long as he stays out of the garden he can live.
Check out my greenhouse.... a roof and three sides. Today I have to till the beds and then I'm moving some plants out. Dad will finish up tonight (or as much as he can). First, though, I have to run and get a haircut.  The top of my hair is so long I can't do anything with it, but it's too short for a pony tail.  I've been wearing a bandanna for about a week now and really don't want to wear one to my son's high school graduation tomorrow!!
I've planted all but 2.5 of the beds.  Now I think I need more!! Dad said he'd build them if I wanted them! :)  He's such a sweetheart.
My head is about 1000% better than it was.  A friend gave me some penicillin from Mexico and it seems to be doing the trick.  My ears are still plugged and my nose is running, but at least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore!! :) to run so I don't miss my appointment.


Tara said...

Awesome truck, awesome hubby!!!

And congratulations to Nick on graduation! How exciting :D :D

Glad you're feeling a bit better, hope it goes by quickly!!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh dear...I'm sorry you were so sick. I hope you are feeling much better.

Congrats on the new rig. It looks AWESOME!

RottenMom said...

What an amazing husband you have. That truck is my idea of a perfect gift!

I will be thinking about you tomorrow as your baby graduates from high school. Yippee! He did it!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. NICE truck! I could totally appreciate a gift like that. You have one special husband. Congrats on the graduation. Mine graduates next weekend! It kinda makes me want to cry, ya know?

Bonnie said...

Wow! What a great anniversary present. Enjoy it. We just bought a Polarias Ranger and I love how moving dirt, plants, branches etc is so easy for me now. We have 2 acres and hauling a wheelbarrow all the time was tough.

Hope your feeling better.

Janie said...

what a nice new truck! That's a great anniversary gift.
Love the train set at the depot.