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The White House

Monday, May 30, 2011

Friday and Saturday

Friday..... After animal care I went and picked up my g-niece for the day. Our first stop was Fred Meyer as the cupboards were bare. Friday of Memorial Day Weekend has got to be one of the worst times to shop, but thankfully I could leave the little ones at home with Elijah. We were able to move much more quickly.
 Another scorcher.  I'm not sure what the "official" temperature at the airport has been but I have had 75* to 80* the last week (or days tend to run together). The kids cooled off multiple times throughout the day.
 Back to cleaning the pool.  For some reason this year has been more tedious than others. I think I just have a lot going on and this is one thing I just don't feel like doing.
 Best little egg gatherers in the world!!
 Clean...clean...clean. Ug!
 The kids painted one of the planter boxes for the Kid Greenhouse. Emily wants them to have paint splashes so they have four colors to add.  They painted the box all white.

 Last time doing this...note the foot in the bed. Flowers (or what's left) to be planted soon!
 Last year this bed was full of Impatiens. This year it will grow peas...I hope.
 My niece showed up and pulled a few weeds. We ended up quitting work, visiting and watching a movie until 2 AM!!  I've been playing too much!
 Saturday....the only photo I took on Saturday was of this sunset.  After work Dad and I went driving for the evening. I just had to get away from chores and demanding kids. Needed a breather.
Did you see Thursday's photos below???


Tara said...

I'm reading it all! Good to hear from you and see all the awesome pix :D

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Great pics. Don't worry about what doesn't get done. You're enjoying spending time with your family!

Looks like Emily got her hair cut short...