The White House

The White House

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday, Monday...Time Flies!

Sunday most of the day was spent with Elijah and Homer doing "guy stuff".  Guy stuff, outside in the really cold weather.  I opted for inside doing "girl stuff" like gardening, bird training, decorating Em's room.  I think the girls had more fun, but I guess it all depends on what eyes you are looking through.  Elijah thinks his day was better! 

Some men hardly ride, some men ride hard.  I've raised the latter for sure.  They tore into the machine to see why it wouldn't go.  Apparently, the little incident where Elijah's friend totalled his machine into the back of this one buckled the body and sheared the bolts.  Plates need to be cut, new steel welded, etc.  Good thing my husband raced for years and knows all about this stuff, and in a way, it is good Elijah has the opportunity to learn how to do this stuff, too.
So what did Elijah think was so great?  Not the fact that his machine is broken, but the fact that he got to use my 4-wheeler to plow a path to the tarp turned garage.  He even took a few runs up and down the driveway.  Must be a guy thing to not be affected by the cold when operating machinery. 
I let Em put my piggy bank in her room.  I've had that since I was about her age, maybe a little older.  She gets a kick out of my 'hand-me-downs'.  She just had to have my desk in her room.  It's old and falling apart, but it has meaning.  The desk belonged to my grandmother and I used to sit at it when I was Olivia's age.  Then it was my mother's then mine and now it's for her.  Four generations have sat at it to write. 
Sunday I put a lot of seeds in bags.  Lots and lots.  I put the flats on the bottom where they can sit right on the heated slab.  The thermometer on my clock read 74*.  I took a peek this morning....two days later...and there are hundreds that can go into dirt.  I have some work ahead of me now!
Remember my cleaning projects?  The house is almost "in order" now.  I'll have to take some photos quick! :)  The last room is my room.  Kind of a catch all of boxes of stuff we thought we needed, but probably don't.  Those are next on the list to go through and I doubt I'll keep much.

Building is kind of on hold for a bit.  All week we are busy with school.  Sunday night Elijah and I spent a couple hours finishing up a bookmark and he was surprised when I had the laminating material to complete it.  Last night was the same thing.  Several hours of homework...teaching math to both Em and Elijah, reading and lots of science. Dad plays with the Wee People while I work with the older kids. Sunday's are "building days", but something tells me this Sunday will be snow machine repair day. :)  It's all good.  There are many things more important in life than fresh paint.

Emily and I were going through her desk and came across this.  I laughed until I cried.  This is Emily when she was 4 1/2 giving one of her brothers the stink eye at their hockey banquet.  I have so seen that same face on Olivia a time or two.  I can't believe how quickly my little girl grew up or how much her sister is just like her.  My two little blessings....
Already full into another week of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Determined to face it with dignity, remembering that the ugly isn't important, the bad can be dealt with and the good is what my kids grow on. 


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Adorable pictures of Emily giving the "stink eye"!!! I have a few like that of my Sam and it's really funny to go back and look at them. I still get "the look" sometimes!

RottenMom said...

How neat is that, four generations using the same desk.

Ha! That sure is a stink eye!

sue in mexico mo said...

You got me in the mood for planting! I bought several packages of zinna seeds. They are one of my favorite cutting flowers. I will wait and plant directly into the garden. Our growing season is longer than yours. . .

Queen-Size funny bone said...

wow that is the stink to be sure.
you truly are a inspiration

anymommy said...

That last picture is priceless ... that piggy bank is awesome. I want one!!

Yasmin said...

Love your blog... reminds me of my years spent in Fairbanks!

Anonymous said...

wow.. can't imagine how's my life living, surrounding with snows.Might be die within a day:)

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Janie said...

Gotta love that "stink eye" look!
What is it about boys and machines? Don't know how males ever got along in the stone age.