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The White House

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mom & Daughter Day

Yesterday I dug in one of the totes of dahlia tubers....
to find that they had gotten too warm, shriveled up and were no good.  What would have been 500+ dahlia's is now compost.  At first I was pretty unhappy, but then quickly realized it is all part of the learning process.  I've got until Sept. to figure out a storage situation that remains 45*.
Emily's bus stops in front of the house.  We worked on clearing her a trail.  The winds were still gusty so we didn't make it all the way.  Now today it is -18* and no one wants to go out there. 
Saturday was Mom and Daughter day.  The boys stayed home, Olivia went to Grandma's for a visit and Emily and I went to town.  First stop was Fred Meyer to pick up seeds. Emily was a hoot wanting to try everything that had!  Then she chose Food Factory for lunch (she always chooses FF).  We barely were caught by the train that had over 100 cars.

We went through our bag full of seeds while waiting for lunch.  It was really busy in there! (That's the shirt she made with Nick.  She did a great job.)
Em had the grilled cheese and fries and I had the french dip (that wasn't all that good-dried out meat and very skimpy).

After lunch we picked up some jeans at Old Navy for Emily.  They have slowly been worn out of my home and she's come back in high waters. She was down to one pair that fit!! Our next stop was the pet store.  We are a One Escalator Town...and a One Pet Store Town (there are other feed stores, but this is the only live animal store). Emily's bird passed away on Tuesday.  There were an awful lot of tears especially from Olivia.  I noticed the bird had an abnormally long top beak and I think it wasn't getting enough to eat.  Just my suspicions, but I really don't know for sure.  Anyhow, Homer told her she could get another one so here is Trixie (2). I didn't want to give them repeat business as I don't think their birds are properly cared for (they are way too cold), but what can you do when you don't have options?  She's already drawn blood on me and is a tad more feisty that the last one!  She'll be kept in Emily's room where it is a lot warmer than downstairs.
Last night we watched a movie us three girls had a "sleep over" in the living room. First thing this morning I started working with my seeds.  When Olivia got up she wanted to help.
Here's my other helper still sacked out on the couch! :)
I've gotten at least 1000 seeds in baggies this morning.  The girls are up checking on the bird, Elijah had a friend spend the night and Lucas is up playing Lego's.  I'd love to just snuggle under some covers on this chilly day, but we have school tomorrow and the laundry isn't washing itself!  Time to get a move on....


Janie said...

Those mother-daughter days are special. Emily must have caught your gardening bug, big time!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Great girl time! Sorry to hear about Trixie (1).... I can relate to the tears.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I hope Emily has better luck with this new bird.

RottenMom said...

Pretty, pretty girls.

I'm sorry about Emily's bird. You're a good Mama. We once had a bird that lived only 8 months. I did not replace it. I'm not as nice as you are.