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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter Storm Blows Through

I wanted to share this beautiful latch hook rug sent to me from The Queen-Sized Funny Bone.  I am so blessed to have made such great friends through my blog.  Random acts of kindness are the best surprises!  Who will you bless today?

Ack!! More snow!
I have a lawn somewhere under all of that snow.
It was such a beautiful day yesterday.  This was taken on the drive home after dropping Olivia off at Kindergarten.  You wouldn't suspect things to go sour so quickly, but they did.
Elijah may have completely done in the snow machine this time.  Notice how crooked it is.  He busted up something in the under-carriage.  Seems that's how it goes when something is about to be paid off. You should see the machine he has picked out for next winter.  I'm thinking he'd better get a job if he's going to ride them that hard.

Do the non-shoveling members of the family stop to think before they deposit broken stuff at the front door? No.  I had to shovel all the snow out to the middle of the yard before I could use the 4-wheeler to plow.

The winds were really beginning to pick up while I was plowing which tends to take the fun out of it. Even at 30* above wind makes it so cold. Branches are everywhere this morning. A big storm with 50 mph winds ripped through the area last night.  You can read about it here.  We were without power from 7:00-10:00pm.  Bless the electrical workers.  I can't imagine going out on a snow machine to look for downed trees in that kind of cold and wind risking getting hurt.
This is a little video before it got really bad.  The winds are calmer today, but still breezy enough to be uncomfortable. I wanted to take Em to some winter activities downtown on the river, but she isn't interested in freezing and I can't say I blame her.  Wish it was nicer out.  The temperature dropped to -5* and is supposed to be -30* below tonight.  What a winter we've been having!


sue in mexico mo said...

Beautiful rug!

I am so sick of winter. We also got more snow - nothing like your weather, thank goodness. Do you keep candles, lanterns, etc. for emergency power outages? I do, but so far have never had to use them.

Janie said...

Whoa, your trees were really rocking. We have a lot of snow, but you have a lot more!
Love the rug. Your friend is so creative.

RottenMom said...

That Latch Hook Rug is BEAUTIFUL! WOW!
How very nice of her to send it to you.

We have a ton of snow here too, but it's a lot warmer here. Keep warm!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I forgot to put the card in before I taped it up. This rug reminds me of your family because it is a horn of plenty and your family is full of love and togetherness no matter what.

Gail said...

The rug is so beautiful!

Spring is one day closer.