The White House

The White House

Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Times

I am in over my head with this basketball program that should be at the printers, but isn't.  So what am I doing?  Why blogging, of course.  Just a quick post then I'll be back at it!

Saturday was our day.  It was as good as a day can get when you have teenagers and a variety of personalities all under one roof!

Olivia and I made casts of her hand and foot.

This yummy handsome man didn't want to do it.

They baked for about 3.5 hours and turned out like you would expect.  We need to find a ribbon to hang them and she may do some painting as well.

My husband works for a recycling company so you would think we'd be hardcore recyclers.  Ummm, no.  I've dabbled in this in the past, but never stuck with it.  I'm really trying a lot harder in the new year.  I mean, really, it's a matter of putting glass, plastic, tin, aluminum, paper and cardboard in something other than the trash can.  He takes it to work with him so I don't even have to drop it at any of the recycling centers.  It's so easy to be lazy, isn't it?  Do you recycle?

I need wood.  Lots of it.  There was a lack of commitment this summer/fall to get it done.  Now it's just difficult.  We had that mid-winter freak rain storm so the tarp is frozen to the ground with the wood underneath.  It is apparently entirely to hard for 15 and 18 year old boys break free so I drug my big out-of-shape butt out there and did it myself.  It was -10* below and we all know how much I love the cold. HA!  I used a sledge hammer to pound the ground and break the ice.  Then I had to use my hands to scoop all the snow because every single one of my 403 shovels have been left here and there in the woods and are now buried by snow.  Thanks boys.
After an hour and really frozen fingers because my brand-new-I-got-them-for-Christmas-and-haven't-worn-them-yet gloves were stolen borrowed by my boys and I haven't seen them since.  I brought in two loads in the sled I got for Christmas from my ex-husband's new wife.  I know how that sentence sounds, but she and I know how important it is for the kids that everyone get along.  

Ten below zero doesn't slow down the Wee People.  Olivia stayed out half an hour!!

There's Daisy saying hello to RottenMom.
The sun was on its way down.  What do we see in this photo?  There's the corner of the RV we no longer use because of gas prices, but keep it around for sentimental reasons.  It was our home for awhile and that was an adventure it itself.  When my husband sold his previous home and before we moved into this one we had about two weeks to wait.  We set up camp at the motocross track with our six kids, a dog, hermit crabs and, I think, a hamster.  It was quite the camping experience complete with a blue tarp awning and outdoor carpet.  We had so much fun during that time.  It's funny how the strangest situations can bring the best memories for a family.  Oh, and there is the brown truck.  Hoping to get it running this summer for a wood truck.  And the frozen trampoline waiting for laughing children this summer.

The setting sun on one side of the yard and the rising moon on the other.  I wonder where that plane is flying?  Somewhere warm?
When night rolled around we watched a family movie to end a pretty decent day.  Even Flower joined us.

There's Elijah....
Sunday was all about football, vacuuming under the coach cushions (ewwww) and a long overdue date with Dad that was much needed. Today will be all about a ton of Algebra with Elijah (not fun), basketball practice (fun for him) and starting finishing the basketball program (stress for me).  I really need this day to move slowly so we can get it all done.


Tara said...

Wow, she looks SO MUCH like Emily in that pic of ya'll watching a movie. I hope the day goes as slowly as you need it to and everyone else moves double-time so it gets done.

Glad you got a date, those are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life ;)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Before I moved into my house we spent two months in a trailer. It was lots of fun except when I was having morning sickness hanging my head in a pail in the yard. P.s. Olivia always has nice painted toes!

gpc said...

I know RottenMom will be happy to see Daisy! Those casts will be precious memories in a few years, I always wish I'd done them with my kids. I tried with the Grands last summer but they didn't want to get their hands dirty, lol! Glad you and Mr. White found time for a date.

sue in mexico mo said...

Busy day for you!

Recycling is a way of life to me. It is not mandatory in my town, and we have to take it to the recycling center. I do it because it is the right thing to do and because, in our town, the profits are used for our local "sheltered workshop". I wish we had curb pick up.

Good luck with establishing the "recycling habit".

thecrazysheeplady said...

Hi Daisy :-)

RottenMom said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry I am so late to the party! Thank you, thank you , thank you for my Daisy fix!

I commented on the recycling post you wrote before, but I just have to tell you again, it's easy to make a habit of it once you get going.

I am ashamed of the amount of trash I used to take to the curb before we started recycling.

I hope you find your gloves!!

Lisa L said...

omg..just looked at the temp in your neck of the woods...stay warm!

Janie said...

I'll bet the hand/feet prints turn out great.
Love the sunset photo through the trees. Looks very cold out there for breaking the wood free from the icy tarp. Not fun, I'm sure.