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The White House

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little More Birthday

I figured out how to copy from my internal memory to the memory chip so here is evidence that I hit the polls yesterday.

After voting my best guy and me went to Fred Meyer's for lunch. We had our favorites and watched the people shop.

Then after some shopping Lucas did the checkout since there weren't any lines behind us.

When the girls got home we sat down to play Sequence. I just bought the game after watch Lori Skoog play it for months now. It was obviously way over the heads of the Wee People, but it made them happy to be included.

Along with the Wii I got some mixing bowls and work gloves. (They are lined rubber gloves and I love them. I don't like my hands icky).

Here's the geeky bird Emily got me. I love these things and have one smaller one that goes in my garden each summer. I love the goofy cartoon-like features.

Now to yesterday.... Started the day making cookies. Then after taking Olivia to school I had to drop money to Nick's car so he could get gas to get home. I believe it is time for this cash cow to come with some stipulations. I seem to be doling out money hand over fist, but not getting a lot in return. I really don't want my son to have a job outside of his school work. This is his time to be a kid and there is plenty of time for that grown-up stuff later. BUT....he is going to have to "earn" his gas money around the house working for me. If he doesn't want to do that they he can start pushing carts at Fred Meyer or start taking the bus. This cash cow has been milked dry. On the flip side, I imagine he isn't the most spoiled kid at school...parked next to him was a Hummer, Avalanche and Escalade. Really?

Next stop was to deliver my Dozen A Day. I invite you to check out my pet project and participate when you can. We were downtown and saw a lot of pigeons. Not sure what they eat, but they survive the cold near the heat vents on the buildings. We've been tossing around the idea of letting our pigeon go with them. Seems it would be a lot happier being able to fly. What do you think?

Next stop was Michael's. I received a gift card from Grandma and Papa Doyle (my in-laws) and had the itch to shop. I picked up a 24X36" cutting mat. I used a 40% off coupon, the gift card and only paid $12.79 of my own money (original price was $62.99. Now I won't have to borrow Debbi's all the time). Oh, and I got two skeins of yarn to contribute to my yarn addiction. And four t-shirts for the boys... they were on sale 2 for $5.

Lucas and I hit Sam's Club next. I needed white sugar, brown sugar and butter if I am going to make cookies everyday! Shopping really isn't my thing, but we survived. The worst part was carrying all the stuff inside when I got home. I need to remember to only shop when there are kids home to help me!

I watched this raven for a bit. It was tearing open trash in the back of this truck. When will people learn?

Along Geist Road.

A shot of UAF. What a beautifully clear and sunshiny day.

Approaching Ester on the Parks Highway.

Cripple Creek on my way home.

Miss Daisy.

Look at the size of Rupert compared to the chickens! When he reaches up tall his head comes to my chest. I lost one of my Seabrights yesterday. Not sure if she froze because she didn't go in the house at night or if Rupert trampled her. He steps on the little ones pretty badly. I'm sure they'll be glad to see him go. Of course, she could have just died from natural chicken reasons. I'll never really know, but if I was going to lose one that isn't the one I wanted it to be so I was pretty bummed.

Lucas and I also went to Game Stop and picked up a second controller for the Wii (at almost $60 a piece I'm not getting them all at once!). We also got a Star Wars game where you duel with light sabers. (I did want the Wii for me to play with the kids....). Here he is trying it out. I fought Obi Wan and won! You know... it just hit me that I should check Craigslist and eBay for Wii stuff!!

When Emily got home from school she was in a duel with Lucas.

I took the pigeon out and held it for awhile last night. It squirms a little trying to get free to fly, but never ever pecks. I really don't know anything about pigeons, but they seem to be pretty smart. If it runs out of food it will hop down from the perch (when I walk by) and loudly thump it's feet on the bottom of the cage to get my attention.

The boys had another basketball game last night, but I didn't go. We played a couple games of Sequence before they left, and then I kept playing with Emily while they were gone. It's a no-win situation. If I go to the game I have three kids at home I'm not spending time with. If I stay home I have two kids at the game not getting my support. (The boys told me to stay... they won by 4 last night. Their injured player is back).

Well, that's all for my birthday and yesterday. I should have posted last night, but time got away from me and I was too tired. If you have time check out my cookie blog and consider participating once-in-awhile.


Janie said...

Lucas is the cutest little shopper. Sounds like you had fun spending your birthday craft money.

Lori Skoog said...

Gayle...I just love the fact that you and your family are playing Sequence. Gary and Finn were just playing this afternoon. You will be surprised at how soon you little ones will pick it up. You can always play in teams so they can participate. We play partners a lot.

What if you take the pigeon down to where the others are and let it go? I'll bet it could get back to your house if it wanted to. It looks pretty healthy now.

Glad you had a great birthday...and again, your haircut looks fab.

Patty said...

Happy Birthday Gayle!
and I understand the cash cow thing...It is hard for Jared to work, and we really don't want him to either...he has enough with school work and hockey, but darn it... some help around the house would be nice when I just hand him the cash/debit card whenever he needs it. Im with you!

RottenMom said...

I agree with you 1,000 percent about not allowing them to have a job. I think you and I might be in the minority here. High school is far different from when you and I were teens. There is so much pressure on our kids to perform at a level that we could never have done during our school days.

My Olivia is a senior this year too. Her job is to work hard in school so that she can get into a good college and apply for scholarship money based on her grades and photography skills. I have to say, she does do chores for gas money for her car which is a hand me down car from her older brother.

I still feel like a cash cow though!

About the pigeon, I bet he might like some fellow pigeon company!

And thanks for the picture of Miss Daisy! LOL