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The White House

Monday, October 25, 2010

What Is Your Morning Like?

Daisy on Sunday. I picked up some vanilla wafers and today I will see if she likes them. Another sheep blog I read gives them as treats. Maybe it will be a way to get Daisy to be more affectionate although I believe she is past that point.

Elijah (with his friend Jordan) doing what he does best which isn't a whole lot. :)

Olivia and Lucas' new addiction: puzzles. Now to just keep a close eye on them so pieces aren't lost. I had to toss all their puzzles for lack of pieces and just started picking up some new ones. Lucas does the 20-piece puzzle. Quick and easy for him allowing for success. Olivia is working on 100-piece puzzles.

What is your morning like? Mine is a little different each day depending on if Emily is here at my house and what time Nick has his first class, but today....

5:30am: Dad gets up, showers, lets the dogs out.
6:00am: I wake up and make Elijah's lunch; bring dogs in; get the fire hot; go upstairs.
6:20am: wake up Elijah for school.
6:25am: back to bed for an hour (his friend Jordan walks over and catches the bus with him...we are not a morning social kind of people so it is best to give him space to get ready. May as well sleep).
7:30am: Wake Emily; make her lunch; slug down coffee; check email and facebook.
7:50am: Wake up Nick
8:05am: Emily goes to the bus; check blogger for updates on my favorite blogs; slug down coffee; pick up toys/blankets in the living room.
8:30am: Nick leaves for school; Lucas wakes up and plays xBox.
8:31am: Make a blog post; pause when Olivia gets up; put clothes in the dryer; start another load of wash; bring Olivia downstairs to play xBox with brother while I finish this post.
8:56am: I'm done; time to get breakfast for the kids, dogs, pigeon, chickens and sheep.

Then I'll be doing this....

I have two days to make four costumes: a cheerleader, vampire, witch and 6 ft. tall lion. Why do I do this to myself? I'm pretty sure costumes from the store are cheaper than fabric these days. I guess I've been sewing their costumes for the last 17 years....old habits die hard.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I would trade your busy morning in a heartbeat to get a "do over" for mine this morning. My sweet darling daughter was a royal ASS this morning. Talk about pushing buttons. She pushed a little to far this morning and will be banned from the TV and all her electronics tonight after school. Probably not a big deal, really, since she has homework to do. She'll spend about 45 minutes complaining for every 10 minutes of work she does. So I guess the punishment will actually be on me for demanding that I/we be spoken to in a polite, respectful way. Damn me anyway. Today she hates me (just ask her!), and I'm the worst mother in the galaxy!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Oh yeah, I ran to about 6 different stores Saturday afternoon searching for the prefect finishing touches to my daughters costume. She decided at the last minute (before a party on Saturday) that she wanted to be something else. So we were out on the hunt for a witch costume. Then we had to find the perfect hat because the one with the costume was really bad. Then it was a search for a cauldron to carry because a witch can't carry around a plastic pumpkin to collect the goodies!! And of course, then I had to alter the costume anyway because it was too big. However, the smaller one was too small so I didn't really have any options. And after all this she gives me a really, REALLY bad attitude this morning..........
Enough of my ranting.....
Sometimes I hate Mondays.....

anymommy said...

1) You get up at six. Impressive. I'm a hell bitch if my feet have to hit the floor before the sevens. 2) YOU MAKE COSTUMES??? 3) For real? 4) YOU MAKE THEM?

Awe. If I had sheep to take care of and it was already sub zero here. I wouldn't make dinner. Oh. Right. I don't.

Janie said...

When my kids were home, I always sewed their costumes. It was a tradition for us, as it seems to be for your family. They would have been disappointed if I just bought something.
I think I've passed the bug on to my daughter, who now sews costumes for her little family.