The White House

The White House

Friday, October 29, 2010

New Snow!

Today was a 2-4" snow fall kind of day. Although I was enjoying the lack of snow, I guess it is about time. Cold + No Snow = Frozen Sewer

Lucas wasn't in the mood for cold so I took Olivia out to play. Many of you know I am not a snow girl. I strongly dislike being cold and since I no longer have snow pants or a winter coat I get cold outside. For my daughter, I figured I could suck it up and deal.

She had a blast!

Uh oh! Look out Olivia... I think Millie wants to play.

And play they did!

Then Millie tried to steal her hat. Olivia was laughing so hard.

Later we went back out so both kids could sled. We still need a lot more snow, but there was enough to have fun. The day also included school conferences, cleaning and cooking, but the snow... that was the best part.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Olivia and Millie look like there were having a blast!! The both look very content!

Janie said...

Kids, dogs and snow do seem to go together. Looks like they had a blast.

sue in mexico mo said...

Gayle, the snow is very pretty, but I don't want any of it! Olivia and Millie sure are having fun. :-)

How can you live in ALaska and not have a winter coat?

Corey~living and loving said...

loved loved loved this set of photos. really made me smile, and I needed that this morning. thank you.

oh and the costumes you made turned out great. :) I love homemade costumes. :)

Tootie said...

Olivia and Millie made me laugh. :) That sure looked like a lot of fun, and I always loved snow, but I just don't like the cold anymore. Brrr!!!

blondevue... said...

The snow looks like so much fun, and fun your kid'o had! She's a cutie, way to go Mom on kids having coats not Mom. You sound like my Mom, always giving. :) From here I can say the snow looks great, ask me next weekend if I agree. LOL. Headed to Alaska next weekend from Hawaii, for a friends wedding. Not thinking the snow will agree with my flip flop feet :o)
Have a great week!