The White House

The White House

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Could Use A Little Slack

Seriously it is never ending. Who knew living life would be such hard work?

The other day I thought "Oh, aren't they so cute?"

Look at that face. How couldn't you love it. I'm here to tell you it's possible not to.

I have to say I am so proud this space has remained just like this for four days. That's a record in this house.

It kills you, doesn't it? Kills me, too.

So back to the dogs I don't love right now. Thirty minutes. That's all it takes for me to take Olivia to school and get back home. They had gone out to the bathroom so why did they have to go again in that 30 minutes? I believe those dogs were sent straight from hell to my house to make me miserable. And it's working.

(In her diaper) Roxie managed to poop and pee on that piece of insulation you can see behind the ladder. Oh, and then scatter it across the floor. Millie absolutely exploded in her kennel splashing it everywhere.

I could have killed them. I still might. Millie is banned to the outdoors until she gets a bath. She can't have a bath until I unclog the tub drain. Working on that. Oh, and did I tell you the front door knob decided to quit working this morning so I have to go around and use the heavy ass sliding door to get in and out. And it took an hour to get the dvd player hooked up so Lucas would quit bothering me about the Netflix movie he has to watch right now or he will die.

Swell. And this family wonders why I'm so damn crabby all the time.

The good part? Look at that...all that crap is gone. And I am on a roll. Anger and frustration fuel the fire and I am going savage on everything. Tune back and see what's been tossed next.

And this? See that blue tote in the photo above? Sat by the front door for a month. I forgot why. Now I know. Full with about 30 Fall jackets. Fall is over. Screwed that one up.

"Come on, Mom. You know you love me". Yes, I do, Millie. Yes, I do.


Lori Skoog said...

An observation! You have a large family, and you and Homer are doing 90% of the work. Aren't all the kids old enough to have specific chores to do on a regular basis. Are there no school buses to take the kids to school? I've never had a dog that refused to be potty trained. Having a fenced in yard off the kitchen helped a lot. I just let them out frequently, and never taught them as puppies to be paper trained. (then they think they are supposed to go in the house). You do an incredible number of things for everyone, not to mention all the yard work and flower beds. Give yourself a break...learn to say no. I don't know another soul who tries to do so much in a single day. In our house, "blackmail" worked fine. If the girls wanted something or to go somewhere, they had to have their chores done first. You are too nice...and end up carrying the big load.

Gayle said...

Dachshunds are famous for not completely potty training. I can name seven families I know with the same frustrations. I was very spoiled with my first one which is why we got another when he died. Then when I had problems I did more research and learned the truth with this stubborn little dog. Roxie needs to move to some place warm. No amount of doggie clothes will get her to want to be outside. I just don't think Alaska is a good state for this breed of dog.

It isn't the amount of work per se that is over whelming it is the constant state of constuction our home is in that makes living here hard. No closets, no shelves, no place to put anything permanently and no room completely finished. If someone could do something about the economy then maybe we could afford to finish what we started 7 years ago (with eight children), but until then I have to make due. One of the ways I will do that is put all our stuff back into boxes. Then I won't have to trip over it anymore.

Yes, the kids do help. And yes I am too nice, but I would rather they be kids while they can. It isn't their fault they live in a home under construction. It's hard to teach them to put their things away when the away spot is constantly changing. Those who have tried to build while living in the house totally understand what I'm talking about. Do that with seven people and it is almost impossible. We have to balance construction with life which means little time for progress. It will happen eventually, but until then there will be days like these. :)

Yes, there is a bus system, but Olivia is in Kindergarten which means she only goes for 3/4 of a day. The class is split in half. The first half go 8:45 to 1:15 and second half go 10:45 to 3:15. This gives the teacher part of the day with a smaller group. Specials are done when the whole class is present. She rides the bus home with Emily. Next year she will go full-time, but I will then have to drive Lucas. The next year everyone can take the bus! :)

sue in mexico mo said...

You are on the right track with getting rid of clutter and un-necessary stuff. Doesn't it feel good?

30 fall jackets!!! ???

Do you have yard/garage sales in your area? Good way to get rid of things. . .