The White House

The White House

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Conquer A Few More Square Footage

So how about now?

Today, I was livid which is super duper angry (learned that one on Word Girl!). :) The dogs...the clutter...the state of constant confusion.

Then I said to can sit on your butt and whine about everything you don't have or you can make the best of what you do have. (Which is something Nick tells me all the time).

I have the most wonderful husband in the world who adores me and our children. He works so hard for his family and I don't have the right to complain. It's taking us a lot longer to get to where we want to be than we thought it would (takes a lot to support 7 of the 8 kids), but we are happy so that is all that truly matters.

So back to getting off my butt.....when we tore out the kitchen upstairs we made a "temporary" kitchen downstairs that doesn't have nearly enough room. My craft stuff needed to move to give us room for food and kitchen ware so I packed it to the shelves in my plant room until the craft room upstairs is completed. That turned this into this....

It was a ton of work, but I got it done. One more area of the house mucked out and more functional during the construction years. Six garbage bags out the door!

Remember the stinky Pete's that got me on my rampage in the first place? Well, I bathed Roxie and blew her dry. She's was very happy to be snuggled some place warm.

Rusty was next. He's so silky now.

Then it was Millie's turn. This is where things take a turn and you just have to laugh at the luck in my life. While I bathed Millie (who was freaking out) Rusty got out of his "diaper". I asked Olivia to hang on to him, but she refused. Emily was helping me hold Millie down so that left Rusty free to pee on my plant pot. While I was blow drying Millie (who freaked out more) Emily took her brother and sister upstairs to put on pajamas. As I was cleaning up Rusty's marking's Emily stomps on the floor. I go up to find that apparently she said/did something to piss Lucas off. He proceeded to get a purple marker and scribble all over her white door. I can't win for losing. What does that saying mean anyhow?

Like I said, I just have to laugh at this stuff because it's just my life. Every. Single. Day.

This cute little face (drying in her kennel) makes it all better. :)

You'll never guess where we are going and what we are doing tomorrow. It's going to be fun and I'll share it all on Sunday.

(Lori made a comment about how much I try to do in a single day. I'm like that every day. If I could fit in more I would. I really feel good getting something accomplished. Besides sitting still drives me nuts.)


Gail said...

Wow! What an amazing difference. Don't it feel good?!

Gotta laugh, had to, because your poor day sounds just like many of mine...minus the eight kids.

sue in mexico mo said...

Did you get indoor stairs yet?

kitchen guy said...

I think Roxie may be the cutest dog in the USA. Awwww! :)