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The White House

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bring On The Heat!

When I wake up to this: coolers, chairs, toys, etc. all over the yard I start my day pretty grumpy. Especially when I go to fill my water buckets only to find my hose (that my hubby used) across the driveway still attached to the pressure washer. I like my yard neat and I want my life simple. I've spent a life time doing things the hard way and it's making me tired at a somewhat young age.

Rupert is starting to tower above the others and waddles. He's very goofy.

Everyone was very thankful for the cool drink on another hot day.

How many times do I have to clean this up? So tempted to toss it all out! It may not seem like much, but it really turned into a 2-hour project.

Old football helmets, gas cans and file cabinets. Really? Why would you randomly toss a cooler in the yard rather than put it away? Or how about when the water bottle falls out of your car maybe you pick it up? Or when you clean out your car you don't stash your soccer gear behind a fuel barrel for later?! My dear husband is the worst for leaving stuff wherever he happens to be standing at the time followed closely by Nick and Elijah and then my other three kids. Oh, and now Andrew is randomly dropping stuff at my house to store. I believe I am going to build a fence separating my part of the yard from their part of the yard! LOL

(After rereading this I realize that someday my yard will be spotless. No more toys or random odd things or even trash littering the ground. I think I'm going to find that to be very lonely. )

Eight million unfinished projects that keep getting delayed when new projects are added. Homer had to put up a fence in my dog yard to give Andrew's puppies a place to be now that they are walking. *loud sigh* There are only so many days in the summer and it isn't all going to get done. (The black dog is Harrah.)

Those are the seven puppies and I don't care how cute they are I AM NOT KEEPING ONE! (That was directed towards all my family members who, of course, want to keep one, but don't want to take care of it. Well, everyone, but Nick. He doesn't like dogs. In fact, he doesn't like animals much at all.).

It only takes a few days for the lawn to become a jungle. I like it all nice and even.

Mom: Where did you take the rug?
Son: Upstairs.
Mom: Okay. Thank you.

Apparently, MY upstairs meant actually in the house. HIS upstairs meant any random place at the top of the stairs.

I got out my trusty lawn weeding tool and worked my way around the yard. Weeds in the lawn make me nuts. I also had to pull the flowers back through the fence before I could mow. It kills my back to lean over the bed so something will have to change for next summer.

I was a sweaty mess after mowing in the heat.


The Painted Daisies are filling in and I'm finally getting my first Livingstone Daisy flowers.

Finally 14 Dahlia's all blooming at once. Could you imagine how pretty it would be if more of the 100 buds got a move on? The pink Impatient bed really filled in nicely. I'm having a hard time grasping that in roughly six weeks I'll be cleaning out the beds and it will all be over. It's rained all summer and they finally just got going really great. I wish I had more time....

Yesterday there was more football. The photo I used (below) in my Wordless Wednesday was taken from the parking lot of the Big Dipper Ice Arena. Elijah's practice is in the football field behind it. That is smoke coming from a wildfire which is really further away from town than it seems in this photo. The smoke was funnelling in and settling downtown (behind me).

Well, I have procrastinated long enough. So much more to do today!


FlowerLady said...

My gosh girl, you wear me out, just by reading your posts. You are such a hard worker.

Your flower beds look fantastic. It's seems like you just had all those little seedlings growing under lights and now look.

Your life is full, enjoy each day, in spite of things not being as neat and orderly as you'd like. Life is short, all too short sometimes to stress over some of the things we stress about.

Enjoy your kids, your chicks, and all the rest. Your kids are going to remember all that you have done for them and with them, the rest of their lives. Each new day is a gift.

Bless your heart Gayle. May you feel love, peace, healing and strength flowing through and surrounding you each and every day.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Queen-Size funny bone said...

i use to complain about my daughter in the shower and now she's gone and it is lonely but thats life. your grounds look fabulous.

Janie said...

You're so right that the house will be lonely without all the kids to leave things laying around. Fortunately(?) for me, my husband leaves as much mess as all three kids did when they were home!

Lori Skoog said...

Gayle...your yard is positively gorgeous! All your work paid off.

Bonnie said...

Your flowers & beds look gorgeous once again. Mine are a mess of weeds and thistles. We are just gone too much. I need to find some perrenials and the cash to buy them.

I wanted to thank you for your comment on my "grumpy" post the other day. It did make me feel less a failure.

Thanks again.