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The White House

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have misplaced my camera. *sigh*

I know we've done stuff the last few days and I've taken photos, but I don't know where it is. These photos were taken with my son's camera that I found while looking for mine.

Today was our Back To School Day. another *sigh*

I'm not a morning person in the least so I think I've had a harder day than the kids who went to school. Olivia had me up all night moaning and crying in her sleep. Her legs hurt (growing pains?) and she just doesn't feel good. Then I had to get out of bed at 6:30am to get three kids through the shower, fed, lunches made and driven to school. Left here at 7:15am and got home at 8:45am. They can take the bus tomorrow!

It was raining and windy and cold. You can give a sheep shelter, but you can't make them stand under it.

Apparently, 6:30am was a little tough on this guy, too. He crashed mid-day.

Followed shortly by his sister who didn't feel good in the first place. (No, my kids never wear socks or shoes and I'm lucky if they have clothes on).

I totally blew First Day of School photos in this my 13th year of being a parent of a school age child. Nick and I are blaming it on unlucky 13 as I don't really have a better excuse.

Millie got her first bath today and she definitely did not like it. It took both Emily and I to hold her down and she's just a little thing. I'd better get her used to it now or we won't be able to bathe her when she is bigger.

One of Millie's brothers has gone to his new home. Today is her first day out of the pen away from Mama, and it sucks so far. Of course, she wants to nurse, but doesn't need to. She wants to snuggle her mom, but doesn't have to. She's wants her siblings because Roxie and Rusty aren't cutting it. She's started whining and crying, and this could be another long night for me. I know in a few days she'll be okay, but these first few will definitely try my patience. The mama and other five puppies are supposed to be gone Friday. I sure hope so. The longer they are here the harder it is going to be on Millie to be separated from them.

Well, I've had a headache for a week and a half now so I guess it is finally time to call the doctor. Maybe I can get my foot looked at, too. It's be killing me for six+ months, but I'm a tightwad when it comes to going to the doctor. They are just too expensive.

Maybe I'll have more to share tomorrow, but I doubt it. It's 50*, rainy and windy. Apparently, that is the cut-off of my Fall comfort zone because I don't want to even go outside. I got the animals cared for and was right back in the house. The bad thing is there is so much to do before winter. Maybe if I get rid of this headache I'll be a bit more motivated.


FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ I've been thinking about you and your headache as you've not mentioned it in the last couple of posts, but today you did. You are in my thoughts and prayers as well as little Olivia, I hope she's just having growing pains in her legs. My little sister did when she was growing up and would cry at night and come crawl in bed with me.

Those are good shots of Emily and Millie.

Hope today is a good one for you.


Lori Skoog said...

From 91, down to 50...quite a change in the weather. School starts early up there! Your last shot of Emily with the puppy is a perfect portrait!
I sure hope your headache goes away.

gpc said...

I hope your doctor can find a solution for the headache, they can sure take the joy out of life! My grandson has those "growing" leg pains that wake him up at night, too. I vaguely remember having them myself, although I would never have dared wake my parents over it! As sad as I feel for you and my kids to have those sleepless nights, I'm sure glad the little ones get some comfort when it happens to them.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Glad you're going to seek some help about your headaches. Its just not "normal" to have that kind of constant pain. Hope its an easy fix.

My daughter is 10 and she doesn't seem to have problems with growing pains (though I did.) She does have a problem with recurring nightmares though. When she can't sleep she crawls in next to me. When I wake up with her in bed I know she's going to have a very tired day!

Tootie said...

One out of my six grands had leg pains like that when they were small. The Dr. said it was probably just growing pains, and they did go away.

I think your headache may be caused from too much physical work. :) Too much pen cleaning and gardening can do that, you know. Slow down some. :)

Janie said...

Millie sure is cute. I hope the doctor finds a cure for your headache. A week and a half is a long time to have one.