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The White House

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What an Awesome Day!

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention I weed whacked and mowed yesterday. That took a couple hours! I love that the grass is growing, but it sure takes some time!

First thing this morning Lucas wanted to boat in the pool. I love our time in the morning when it is just the two of us. (Olivia sleeps at least two hours longer than he does!)

Look at Elijah work! He needs rules. Plans. No last minute changes. Surprises make ugly changes in his attitude. Now I will stick to it. The night before I tell him exactly what is expected before he can leave the house to hang out with his friends. He got up on his own, showered, ate and went right to work. By 11:00am I was taking him to town to scooter. Tonight I mapped out tomorrow except he wants to go early. He went out in the rain pretty late tonight to do that chore so he wouldn't have to in the morning. All.On.His.Own. I love it!

I planted a lot today. I had set a goal of being completed with my "chores" by June 15th so I went at it hard today. I didn't make it, but I am also learning to change my goals in stride. (Oh, and that nasty piece of brown is going to be reseeded as soon as I'm done planting!).

These are all the plants that went in the ground today.

Lucas had soccer practice tonight and I didn't have a helper. Me and eight four year olds? NO! I asked a mom to please help and she did! Yea!

There sure is something special about a Dad and his daughter.

I was busy running (ack!) and didn't take photos. Here's the soccer stud headin' home with snack. Man, he sure loves to run and play.

I planted Tidal Wave Petunias until I ran out of dirt. In fact, 63 to be exact! Hope to finish this project soon.

Oh, and I planted the greenhouse, but forgot to take a photo. The greenhouse doesn't have a roof or sides yet so I guess it really isn't a greenhouse, but by no fault of my dear husband. There have been several nights he would have stayed home and worked on it (tonight included), but I really do listen to all of you. The garden fanatic in me has taken a back seat. So we won't have tomatoes or cucumbers this year (they are really getting too late of a start for Alaska), but that doesn't matter. The greenhouse will have a permanent roof next year and be awesome. Right now...Lucas is four and will only play four year old soccer once. Dad needs to be there to see it more than I need fresh tomatoes. I know you understand.

Sprinkling tonight. Hopefully, it will pass and I can get more done tomorrow.


Lori Skoog said...

I'm impressed!!!! You sound very happy...glad you are backing off a little on your gardening (you work way too hard).

Tara is: said...

Wow, Gayle! It looks great!! You've inspired me to go take some pix and blog about our garden/yard.

And you're right, they're little for such a short time...before you know what happened you fall into one of those deliriously delicious naps with them nursing and you wake up and they're 6, going away for a week to sail with their auntie. But you know that better than I do, don't you?

We love ya guys!!!

Janie said...

Cute photo of Lucas boating in the pond.
Your garden is looking wonderful!
Good to hear that advance planning helps with Elijah's willingness to help out.

Patty said...

I love the flower bed addition out by the fence. Great idea. I'm glad you found something that seems to work for Elijah. Maybe his teachers at school can use that approach.

Tink *~*~* said...

Love that cheesy grin on the soccer stud :)