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The White House

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Full Day

Lucas was my little helper first thing this morning. He always wants to do for Mommy.

He helped shovel the dirt to make a bed for my pathetic broccoli that should have been planted long ago. Yes, I am aware they are planted way too close, but if they grow as lousy as they did last year it won't matter.

First thing this morning Olivia and Lucas wanted to take the rafts in the pool. Of course that involved an hour of preparation. First I had to hose out the Shop Vac from when it was used to clean the pool and wasn't taken care of. I then aired up the rafts and then had to wash them since they were stored in the boat under a tree. Trees are messy. They were so patient the entire time!

Nick taking the first swim of the season. (He's likes to be first). It is so cold right now.

Prakash was nice and warm in the boat. Nick thought he should join him. These two are so funny and laugh so much. Like the two Musketeers missing their third, Cody. We all miss him, but after five years of us being Mom and Dad and providing a great home he decided he wanted to move 400 miles away for a different kind of life. It's been a long 1.5 years without him here with his family. I don't know if Lucas even remembers him, but he sure gets excited when Andrew comes to visit each week.

The boys cleared a bit more of my new garden bed. Even Elijah realized he was completely out-of-line yesterday, but he was a bit on the moody side for other reasons so I have to be slightly understanding. We had a big talk with lots of apologies. I let him have his phone back to take care of some issues, but no Internet and he's staying home. Prakash is such a big help around here...I'll feed that kid anytime!

No day is complete without a little friendly competition. The Lakers vs West Valley (the high school Nick and Prakash are Seniors at). Let's just say the Lakers were a little to good for them. Do you suppose the bare feet were a handicap?

This guy is all smiles when the boys are here. He follows them everywhere and leaves his sister alone which is why you see no photos of her. She's off playing quietly without a little brother messing with her.

Nick was in the net again tonight and it didn't go so well. He got a red card and was ejected with about 30 seconds left. Had a few choice words for his own defense just a little too loudly. I think goalie ejection has to be a first for recreational soccer. (We did have a chat about self-restraint and self-respect even if the tongue-lashing was deserved. And if those things don't matter than respect for the coach who is a wonderful guy should be enough).

Take a look at the game....Nick and one defense against three of their guys. No wonder he was a bit peeved by the end of the game. He sure did make some great saves, but when they get second and third chances it's no contest. We went down 5-3.

Those trees are blocking the garden and pool from the evening sun. As far as I'm concerned if someone wants shade they should sit under an umbrella or go in the house. Our summer is too short for shade so the trees are coming down. Really...someday that is where Homer's shop is going so they have to come down anyhow. I just like the dramatic effect.

Again, I am trying to upload a video with our less that speedy Internet. If there is nothing here you will know I gave up. Can you believe it is already 12:30AM!! Summers, daylight and busy. I'll sleep this winter!

Okay...I give up. Me and blogger don't get along with this video thing. So irritating. It was a cute one of Prakash and Nick in the pool. Maybe I'll try tomorrow. Night all!!

Oh...I just realized it wasn't all play. I did mulch some garden beds and plant a few flowers. Homer cut some trees and put up some cable. can't all be work photos, can it? :)


Tara is: said...

Ya'll sure make the most of your summers! I love it! We're trying to follow a little more in your footsteps this year and have implemented a summer "schedule" so that we can get all our house-work and baby-care done in the morning and have the afternoon to play. We'll see how that goes! lol

Patty said...

I miss Cody to Gayle. =(

Janie said...

Lucas looks like he's just soaking up his chance to be with the big boys.
Nice that he's happy to help mommy, too.
I've found that I have to convert video to you-tube to be able to post it on blogger.