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The White House

Thursday, May 27, 2010

That's The Way The Ball Bounces

Alternately titled: Wishing The Ball Bounced Differently

This is the 13th day of Summer Vacation. So far?

*One Battleship Peg up the nose with emergency trip for removal.

*Wildfire in our neighborhood resulting in loss of power resulting in 8 new chicks dead. A $30 loss.

*Missing school textbooks. Deadline to find TOMORROW by 3:00pm or fined.

*Big slice in foot while wading in river resulting in stitches at the ER and crutches.

*Random POS (piece of shit) kids grabbing child's crutches and throwing them in the river resulting in child now using wheelchair found at dump.

*Woke up at 1:30am by random teenager in my yard.

*Five year old's first soccer practice resulting in said child refusing to release death grip on leg. Four year old brother played instead.

*Crippled child is supposed to work a car wash Saturday. Will sell hot dogs.

*Child needs plane ticket to PA. Need to sell brother to pay for ticket.

*Dog sitting a 5th dog. Don't want the first four. When you are in a pissy mood dogs are annoying.

*Sheep half shaved. Neighborhood entertainment.

*Work. Work. Work every single day on the yard and it doesn't look like I've done a damn thing. Frustrated at 80 degrees.

*Husband works six days a week 12 hours a day to pay for ex-wife's iPhone. (Sounds like a sad country song). Would like husband to come home.

***And the Grand Daddy of them All: Computer infected with some sort of Spyware that won't let me log into google, blogger, gmail. I CAN'T BLOG FROM MY COMPUTER AND IT IS FREAKIN' ME OUT! I am on my son's computer. This sucks. (I have been to visit your blogs, but can't comment). Please don't leave me while I work this out.

*In case you are wondering....I left off all the bad stuff that has been going on.

How's your summer vacation?


Stace said... need a vacation! Oye!
Well on the bright side, at least the sun is shining, right? I hope things get better and Homer comes home at some point (I understand this one...the Major works all the time...and there is no ex!!? LOL). Keep your head up and the teenagers out of your yard!..1:30?! what were they THINKING?? LOL

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ Hang in there. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.
S*** happens, we just have to try to go with the flow, and hope it doesn't get any worse. If it does, may we learn from what we are going through. I'm sorry for the pain and suffering going on in your family.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'll trade you one lifeless husband who pee's his pants and almost killed my dogs.

Janie said...

You have had a rough two weeks! Hope things improve around there. Maybe you've had all the bad luck already and the rest of the summer will be perfecto. I hope so.

Lori Skoog said...


Amanda said...

HUGS!!!!!!! :( Not good at all! :( If my arms could reach that far you know I would in a heartbeat! Also if I lived closer I'd come help in the yard. Maybe, just Maybe we'd get something done! LOL OOOOOOORRRR maybe not. Cause we'd have a lot to talk about/catch up on!

BTW I left you an award on my blog!!!