The White House

The White House

Monday, May 31, 2010

Progress is Slow but Sweet

The boys helped Dad and I clean in the yard for a couple hours today. Maybe not willingly, but they got it done.

I took some photos of the chicks and counted them before we let them loose outside. I should have six breeds of Bantams with five of each, one breed of layers and two breeds of turkeys. The photos aren't matching up and I am confused?? I guess I'll know more as they grow.

There were six of this black one and the other is Homer's single turkey.

There were 14 of these layers and two of the fluffy feathered feet.

There were two of my turkey's and four of the other.

There was one partridge and six of the other.

There were four of the first and three of the second.

They are so tiny outside. Some are still the size of a canary! I put them in a box for the night since the netting isn't up and the coop still needs finished! Dad worked all evening putting the chicken wire around the bottom of the fence and putting plywood under the coop. In the next few days he'll stretch the last of the fence and we'll put the netting up.

I worked on my flower beds all day. I got the rest of this side cleaned out and half the other side. I also got two beds planted, but no photos. It's now 12:30 AM and the mosquitoes are out. I gave up on watering and came in as they were eating me alive. I'll have to do it in the morning.

It was a pretty decent day right up to the discovery that Elijah broke my....MY....4-wheeler. It's not so much the broken tail light and head light, but more that he "forgot" to tell me and attempted to cover it up with some red tape so I wouldn't know. I get seething mad when I am lied to and omitting the truth, hiding the facts, covering up the far as I am concerned that is lying. I would have been pissed over the damage to my 4-wheeler, but I would have gotten over it. Deceit I do not let go so easily and now I've had to ground him. This will be far more painful for me than for him. He's making sure of that. Arg! Unruly teenagers!

Tomorrow starts Elijah's two weeks of football camp, but his foot isn't healed so I guess he'll just go and watch. Nick, Lucas and Olivia all have soccer practice. All four activities are at four separate places all at 6:00pm. I'm already tired.


Stace said...

I wish I had the full day of sun that you have...I'd never be in the house!! I'd probably just sleep outside!! LOL Your yard is looking great!!! It must be great to see all the hard work coming together.
Sorry to hear about your 4 wheeler...and the cover up...I know what you mean though, lying to me is the worst thing you can do...I've told my kids that from the time they were little so if they choose to lie they know what they're going to get. And yes, grounding a teenager is punishment for us...I used to put mine to work when she got too usually inspired her to keep her comments and attitude to herself :P lol

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Lots of crazy looking chicks there. I'm anxious to see them when the fill out a bit. Your gardens are going great. Before you know it they'll all be full and the grow room will be empty.

Yeah, lying and stealing. Two of the worst offenses I can think of. Severe punishment to follow.

Enjoy your days!!